Thermage Treatment for Wrinkle Removal

Thermage Treatment for Wrinkle Removal

Thermage Treatment for Wrinkle Removal - Skin Tightening - Non-Surgical Face Lift - Thermage Benefits | Tips on - Find TipsIf fear of the surgeon’s scalpel is preventing you from having a face-lift, consider having a Thermage non-surgical face lift. By applying radio frequency energy on your sagging skin or wrinkles and fine lines, the damaged and weakened collagen will become tight and strong, making your skin tight and elastic.

Thermage procedure

Before starting the procedure, you will be given an oral pain reducing medicine. The doctor will then apply local anesthesia at specific places on your face. The treatment tip connected to the Thermage machine will be held at the parts of your skin that needs the treatment. Radio frequency emitted from the Thermage machine will then be applied on your skin. To prevent the heat from the radio frequency from burning your skin, cooling of the skin is carried out at regular intervals between applications of radio frequency.

The procedure cannot be called painless. Depending on the amount of anesthesia applied by your doctor or the dosage of pain medication taken, you might feel a mild discomfort and heat. The actual Thermage treatment will require around 60 to 75 minutes, while preparing your face with anesthesia and giving the pain medication time to start its effect would require around 30 to 45 minutes. Therefore, each session will last for about 2 hours.

Thermage benefits

For best results, you should undergo Thermage treatment when the early signs of aging begin appearing on your face. Thermage is suitable for tightening skin, tightening the jaw line, tightening skin under the chin, lifting eyebrows, softening forehead lines, reducing crow’s feet, reducing creases around nose and mouth, erasing acne scars and reducing acne.

Thermage side effects

In most cases, patients experience mild short-term side effects after Thermage treatment. Redness and mild swelling might last for a few hours up to a few days. In rare cases, there might be risk of burning, scarring and blistering. However, an efficient cosmetic surgeon might make this treatment risk free.

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