Things To Do In Branson

Things To Do In Branson

No trip to the Midwest is complete without a trip to Branson. This town located in Taney County in the state of Missouri has become well known for its tourist attractions and delightful entertainment hotspots. Its reputation has been further enhanced by the numerous music shows on Highway 76.

Once you step into the city, you will be spoilt for choice by the number of tourist attractions here. We give you just some of the places that visitors cannot afford to miss.

Best Things To Do In Branson

Hollywood Wax Museum

The first stop for all tourists is this fantastic wax museum. It has become famous enough to be a landmark on Highway 76. Watching wax models of famous celebrities and having your picture taken with them is a treat that nobody can resist.

Things To Do In Branson - Tourist Attractions In Branson & Places To Visit In Branson

Wax statues of movie icons have been replicated so faithfully that it looks completely life like. This is an invitation to play with the stars that no tourist should miss.

Silver Dollar City

This very successful entertainment park, which has the nineteenth century as a theme, is a must see place for visiting tourists. This place has thrill rides, family attractions, craft shows and festivals. One of the special attractions here is the Marvel Cave.

Things To Do In Branson - Tourist Attractions In Branson & Places To Visit In Branson

You can take one of two tours to look around this cave and it is an experience you will not forget. The park is divided into ten districts and each district has its own unique attractions, rides and shows. The craft and culinary here is unique and visitors can spend some enjoyable moments with the cutters and the blacksmiths. Check the timings before you visit because the park is closed during some months.

White Water

This “Beach Within Reach” is one of the incredible sightseeing attractions in the city. Families and groups can easily spend an entire day here and not know how the hours flew by. Whether it is drifting on an eight hundred foot long river or a seven story thrill slide, this park has entertainment for everyone. The rides here are intense and extremely well designed to provide maximum excitement.

Things To Do In Branson - Tourist Attractions In Branson & Places To Visit In Branson

Taking a break from the water, you can also play a bit of volleyball on the sand. Once you have worked up an appetite by going on the numerous slides and swimming in the waves, you can tuck into some of the delicious food on offer here. Sandwiches, burgers, sodas, hot dogs and nachos, are just some of the many delights available here. Ticket prices are reasonable and there are special packages on offer for groups.

Mount Pleasant Winery

This recently opened winery on Green Mountain Drive attracts thousands of tourists every year. Visitors make their way into the beautiful stone building where they are given a tour of some of the best wines ever made. Whether it is wine tasting, shopping, sampling or bottling, visitors can do it all here at this winery.

Things To Do In Branson - Tourist Attractions In Branson & Places To Visit In Branson

You can also take a wine making class where you can experience the remarkable experience of creating a good beverage. Whether going as part of a tour or on a private visit this place offers entertainment tinged with a lot of warmth.

Stone Hill Winery

One of the most popular attractions among tourists is the state’s oldest winery. Every day for an hour, tourists delight in the wonders of this award winning winery. Visitors get a first hand glimpse of the meticulous process by which the best wines are made. First, the guests get a whiff of the fine sherry that goes into the making of a good drink. They are then witness to the bottling process of the award winning brands.

Things To Do In Branson - Tourist Attractions In Branson & Places To Visit In Branson

Finally, you get an entry into the tasting rooms where you can sample the sweetness of the winery’s finest juices. Visitors will be enthralled by the quality of the wines on display and get an insight into the step by step process that goes into the making of a legendary brand. Tours can also be customised to fit into a specific time for groups who are on a tight schedule.

Ride the Ducks

When you are in Branson, you should ride the ducks. You will truly get a big splash out of life. The amphibious vehicles built out of world war two models, take you on a sightseeing tour of both land and sea. Families and kids will have a great time riding the Ducks.

Things To Do In Branson - Tourist Attractions In Branson & Places To Visit In Branson

The lakes and rivers of this town truly come alive and you will experience Branson like never before. It is a very innovative way to see the Ozarks, the downtown area, the dams and the mountains. Ticket prices are affordable and it is cheaper if you go in a large crowd. If you are lucky then you may even get to drive one of the Ducks.

Veterans Homecoming Week

Every year in November, Branson pays a patriotic tribute to America’s veterans. There are many events and programs lined up, to salute the men and the women who went, above and beyond the call of duty. You will find parades, concerts, flag ceremonies, candlelight memorials and road shows. This is one of the biggest veteran’s homecomings in the United States. It is a truly remarkable and heart warming event that visitors should not miss.

Lake Taneycomo

The clear waters of this lake are a blessing for fisherman. From fly fishing to bait fishing and artificial fishing, anglers of all kinds can indulge in their skills here. Some of the best trout available anywhere in the country swim in these waters. Rainbow and Brown Trout are some of the fishermen’s favourite. However, care needs to be taken as to where you fish. Vast areas of the shoreline are actually private property.

Things To Do In Branson - Tourist Attractions In Branson & Places To Visit In Branson

So shore fishing is possible only in specifically demarcated areas. Care is also to be taken when Table Rock Dam starts generating power. The blowing of the horn indicates that the water levels are going to rise fast and anglers need to clear out quickly. You can also take a cruise on board the luxury yachts that regularly ply these waters. You can enjoy a pleasant party on deck while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Getting to Branson

Most tourists prefer to come here either by car or by bus. There is also the newly built Branson Airport, which serves the city, and also another airport in the nearby city of Springfield. With convenient transportation even inside the city, sightseeing in Branson is a treat.

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