Things To Do In Detroit

Things To Do In Detroit

The Motor City has always been famous for producing some of the most well known automobiles the world has ever known. Ford and General Motors built an empire from the factories of this very town. But there is more to Detroit than just cars.

This is also the home of Motown and some of the most famous Rock and Roll, Jazz and Blues musicians who ever lived. Arts and culture flourish among its many theatres while epic battles are fought at its legendary sports arenas. So take a trip to the city and discover some of the hidden treasures that Detroit has to offer.

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Detroit Institute of Arts

If there is one place that is synonymous with culture in Detroit, it is the Detroit Institute of Arts. Its hundred galleries showcase some of the most incredible works of art ever created.

Things To Do In Detroit - Best Places To Visit In Detroit & Tourist Attractions In Detroit

From the Ancient to the Modern, from European and American to Asian and Islamic, this museum has it all. Located on Woodward Avenue, the best place to visit is on weekends.

Motown Historical Museum

Who can forget Diana Ross and the Temptations or Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5? They all owe their success in one way or the other to Motown Records. Even though it looks small from the outside, the museum is a great place to explore the rich legacy of this incredible institution.

Things To Do In Detroit - Best Places To Visit In Detroit & Tourist Attractions In Detroit

Located on West Grand Boulevard, taking a guided tour is the best way to explore this place. You might even get a chance to sing in the famous Studio A.

Automotive Hall of Fame

It would be a shame to visit Detroit and not learn about the history of the automobile. There is no better place for this, than the Automotive Hall of Fame.

Things To Do In Detroit - Best Places To Visit In Detroit & Tourist Attractions In Detroit

Located in Dearborn it is next to the Henry Ford Museum, so you can cover both in one day. The past, present and future of automobiles literally comes alive in this museum. Do not forget to visit the Hall of Honour or operate the Aeropede.

Henry Ford Museum

It would be a sin to visit Detroit and not visit the home of its greatest son. What started out, as Henry Ford’s personal collection, has today become a tourist landmark.

Things To Do In Detroit - Best Places To Visit In Detroit & Tourist Attractions In Detroit

Classic items here include the Rosa Parks bus, the Kennedy automobile and the Sikorsky helicopter. Famous exhibits include Heroes of the Sky, Presidential Limousines and Made in America. Taking a tour of Greenfield Village will take you back in history to relive Henry Ford’s life.

Eastern Market

Saturdays should be kept free, for a trip to the Eastern Market. You will find yourself in the company of more than 40,000 people, who come here, for the shopping experience of a lifetime. This urban adventure is made possible, by more than two hundred and fifty retailers, wholesalers and vendors selling everything that you could possibly buy under the sun.

Open-air stalls sell a remarkable variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, jams and other speciality products. The vibrant atmosphere and the hustle and bustle of a busy market place, take you back to traditions that seem to be rapidly dying away.

Live Music and Concerts

Whether it is Blues or Jazz, Soul or Gospel, Detroit has it all. Electronic Music, Hip-Hop and Rock and Roll rub shoulders with opera and classical music. Next to cars, if it is one thing that Detroit has in plenty, it is music. There are many places to catch live music in Detroit. PJ’s Lager House, The Fillmore Detroit, The Majestic and the Emerald Ballroom, all come highly recommended. The bands that you see play here, might just end up being the next big thing in international music.

Things To Do In Detroit - Best Places To Visit In Detroit & Tourist Attractions In Detroit

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra has the first and the last word when it comes to classical music. You can catch them at the Orchestra Hall of the Max Fisher Music Centre. You can also enjoy high quality Jazz at the Detroit International Jazz Festival.

Held over the Labour Day weekend, entries for the concerts are free. The Concert of Colours is sponsored by the Arab community and showcases music from around the world. Besides this, there are several other avenues for enjoying great music. You only have to check the local listings when you are in Detroit.

Detroit Waterfront

For an inland city, Detroit has the most amazing waterfront along its Detroit River. Be sure to take a camera with you, as you would want to take pictures of the stunning Detroit skyline. Taking a walk along the five mile River Walk promenade is a wonderful experience.

Things To Do In Detroit - Best Places To Visit In Detroit & Tourist Attractions In Detroit

Hire a boat from the numerous yacht clubs along the riverfront and spend the day sailing. Buy your tickets for one of the regattas held here regularly and watch master yachtsman pit their skills against each other. Plan a day out at Belle Isle Park and get in touch with nature. Get astonished by the fireworks display held here on national holidays. You might even catch one of the many rock concerts that are regularly held here.

The Great Outdoors

There are many parks and open spaces for those who want to hike and bike. Joggers and cyclists have many recreational facilities to indulge in their hobby. A pleasant walk through the neighbourhoods of Detroit is also a great way of exploring the city, while sampling a taste of traditional Michigan life. A walk through the Downtown area, will allow you to enjoy some of the traditional architecture of the city.

North American International Auto Show

While it may be a bit offbeat seeing how it is held in January, this is one of the premier events held in Detroit. It is a leading auto event that sees the automakers of the world display their latest and finest vehicles to the media and the public.

Things To Do In Detroit - Best Places To Visit In Detroit & Tourist Attractions In Detroit

A dazzling array of Ferraris, Jaguars, Fords and BMWs are put on display, showing their wares and awaiting their buyers.

Best time to visit

The winter months can be a very cold and uneasy time to visit. Plan a trip during summer or autumn and you can roam to your heart’s content. Detroit is extremely well connected by airlines, railways and roadways and getting there should not be a problem. There are also any number of travel bureaus to help you out with information. So plan a trip to Detroit and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Motor City.

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