Threading a Hair Removal Technique

Threading a Hair Removal Technique

Threading a Hair Removal Technique - Eyebrow Shaping - Threading Technique - Eyebrow Threading Tips » Threading – A hair removal techniqueThreading is a technique used to remove hair from the face with the help of a cotton thread. A strong, good quality cotton thread is wisely used for this purpose.

Threading is generally used on the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, checks and sideburns. Threading is most commonly used on the eyebrows for shaping as it is more accurate and precise than waxing.

Generally speaking, threading involves rolling and twisting the cotton thread on the skin to intertwine the hair into the thread and lift it from the root. Below are steps and tips that can improve your threading technique.

First, take a cotton thread of about two feet or twenty-four inches of length. Be sure that it is a strong, good quality thread. Now, knot the thread at both of its ends to form a circle.

Wind the thread about 8 or 10 times by holding it in both hands to form a winded bit in the center of the circle. The cotton thread is to be placed around your fingers to push the winded bit towards one hand. This is possible by widening the finger of one hand while closing the other one.

In threading, the technique of pushing and pulling is most important. Once you are familiar with this technique, you can step into the next one, which is the actual threading on required parts of the body.

Do not practice threading on your face, eyebrows or upper lip directly. Start from your leg first to get a fair idea on how good you are in the procedure.

Sit on a chair or bed comfortably and identify the section to be threaded. Start the process of threading with the one end of the thread in one hand and the other end in the other. Ensure that when the thread moves from front to back it catches the hair and not the skin; the hair should be lifted out from its root.

Threading, if understood is an easy process. Practice is key, to ensure that you get familiarized with the process. Once you know the process, you can do it as needed instead of spending lots of money at the beauty salon.

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