Thyroid Causeds & Diets to Control Thyroid Problems

Thyroid Causeds & Diets to Control Thyroid Problems

Thyroid glands can cause several health problems if they are not normal. Imbalance in thyroid glands can cause you weight gain, goiter etc. Thyroid problem is caused due to many reasons, one of them is medications. However, you can control your thyroid problems to great extent if you take proper diet for it. Given below is some suitable diet for thyroid.Thyroid Causeds & Diets to Control Thyroid Problems

One of the most important mineral for the proper function of thyroid is iodine. Iodine contains T3 and T4 which are vital hormones also known as triiodothyronine and thyroxin respectively. If T3 and T4 are not properly balanced in your body then it would cause very severe problem because they transport oxygen into cells where energy is produced and thus energy is produced at the cellular level. Iodine combines with amino acid tyrosine and after that it gets transformed into these two vital hormones (T3 and T4). Thus it is necessary to consume sufficient amount of iodine.

Fish and salt (iodized salt) are very good sources of iodine. Sea fish and seaweed too are very good for iodine. Eat fish regularly. It not only gives you sufficient amount of iodine but also gives you omega 3 fatty acids which are highly beneficial for your brain and proper functioning of your nerves.

Various other vitamins and minerals are considered to be very good for thyroid diet. Selenium and zinc are extremely beneficial for your thyroid. When people want to lose weight by taking very low calorie diet, the T3 hormones start diminishing. But if Selenium is present in proper amount in your diet, it prevents the T3 hormones from getting low.

Zinc too functions in the same way as selenium does. You should consume diet rich in selenium and zinc. Garlic, oatmeal, onion etc are very good sources of selenium. Beef, salmon, chicken, crabmeat etc are foods rich in zinc. You should consume 400 micrograms of selenium and 15 to 25 milligrams of zinc daily.

Your thyroid diet should also contain protein in sufficient quantity. Egg whites, fish, milk etc are very rich sources of protein. When there is active thyroid condition, it results in hair loss but sufficient amount of protein prevents hair loss.

There are other foods which are good for thyroid such as watermelon, carrots, grapes, bananas, papaya, grapes, peas, potatoes, raisins etc.

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