Tied To A Chair Movie Review

Tied To A Chair Movie Review

Tied To A Chair Movie Review - Tied To A Chair Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & RatingThe film premiered way back in 2009 at the Delray Beach Festival and managed to hit the theaters only on April 22nd, 2011. However, we can say that the long wait was truly worth it! Directed by Michael Bergmann, ‘Tied to a Chair’ stars Bonnie Loren who effectively carries the film entirely on her shoulders.

And indeed, it is Loren’s brilliant performance that makes the film stand out as a perfect entertainer for all ages. Loren is Naomi Holbroke, a once famous New York actress who chose to leave the glitzy and glamorous world of stardom behind after marrying her British husband (a government official).

It’s been 20 years since then and Naomi is a housewife in London now. However she is not at all happy with her life. Her marriage is failing and she still harbors dreams of returning back to the tinsel town. And so, after one particularly heated argument with her husband, Naomi decides to call it quits and walks out on their relationship.
Arriving at the Cannes Film Festival in France, Naomi desperately tries to find a director in order to revive her acting career. And she happens to meet an individual called Billy Rust, a director who has not made any films after his 25 year old legendary cult film.

When Naomi meets him, she finds out Billy is looking out for prospective actors for his next movie which has a particular sequence where the leading actress gets tied to chair. Falling in love with the script, and the sequence in particular, Naomi cajoles Billy to cast her in the movie.

Tied To A Chair Movie Review - Tied To A Chair Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

However, Billy is apprehensive of the same, owing to the fact that the part in question requires the actress to be young and much more voluptuous. He promises to give Naomi a fair trail by arranging for a screen test in New York.

Ecstatic about the opportunity given to her, Naomi presuades Billy to tie her to a chair in his hotel room in order to prepare for the role. Having done so, Billy falls asleep, leaving Naomi with no option but to get herself out of his toom and run down the stairs to the hotel lobby the next morning, with the chair still tied to her back.

Tied To A Chair Movie Review - Tied To A Chair Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Reaching New York for her screen test, Naomi grabs a taxi to take her to Billy’s studio. Unfortunately for her, the taxi driver happens to be a crook. He robs her off all her money and abandons her on the highway.
Desperate to make it to the screening, Naomi manages to trick the taxi driver and steal the taxi. With several police officers hot on her trail, Naomi makes it to the studio, only to get the shock of her life.

Apparently, someone has murdered Billy (beheaded him) and the entire place is swarming with policemen, detectives and crime scene technicians. To make matters worse, a detective called Peter Farrell enters the scene, demanding to know who stole the taxi (the woman in particular). Accordingly, the taxi driver is a member of a criminal gang that has stolen plenty of dynamite from several construction sites in the city.

Tied To A Chair Movie Review - Tied To A Chair Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Naomi’s efforts to prove her innocence are in vain as Farrell does not believe her claims. However, a series of bizarre (and dangerous) events that follow lead Naomi to hatch up some brilliant plots to save the entire city in the end. Now how’s that for a real life heroine?

Tied to a Chair’ works well solely because of Bonni Lauren. The actress is extremely convincing in her portrayal of a troubled housewife who transforms into other, more vibrant characters later on. A flawless, natural and completely riveting performance!

The film moves along at a constant pace with plenty of hilarious moments to spruce up the proceedings at places. The supporting cast is equally impressive and manages to complement Loren throughout the narrative. And the director manages to effectively catch your attention and hold onto it till the end by choosing to shed more light on Loren’s current plight rather than her past relationships.

Tied To A Chair Movie Review - Tied To A Chair Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Our Verdict:

Tied to a Chair’ is one of those small gems that you most definitely need to see. Engaging, entertaining and perfectly executed; the movie would most definitely take the top spot in my list of ‘Must Watch Movies this Weekend’. So don’t forget to check it out!

Director: Michael Bergmann

Cast: Bonie Loren, Mario Van Peebles, Robert Gossett, Richard Franklin, Sayed Badreya and Ali Marsh

Rating: 4.5/5

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