Time Management For Moms

Time Management For Moms

Time Management For Moms - Effective Time Management - Managing Time - Time Management For Mothers | Pregnancy & ParentingMothers being responsible for a number of household activities other than raising a kid, finds no time to spare for herself at the end. From the morning till the bedtime, she is found to be doing this or that which never gets over. When this continues, it makes her tired as well as frustrated. Every human being needs some time to relax both the body and mind. Otherwise, things would sound out of tune.

If you want to utilize your day effectively, you need to be systematic in your plans. Below are a few points you can keep in mind when you begin your day. If you can follow them, definitely you need not complain of not getting enough time for anything.

Keep track of your daily activities: Note down the activities that you are involved in during the day. Record the time duration of the activity. Do not leave out anything which may feel silly to you. Include all things that keeps you busy throughout the day. This will be a self assessment to what you do and what not in a particular day. Also it gives you a clear view of any waste or idle time that you never noticed otherwise.

Prioritize your activities: The track record of your activities can show you what work is more important to you and what not. From this, you can set priorities and choose the ones that you just can’t ignore. If you find some things that you can very well manage without doing it, cut it off from your work schedule. For example, giving food to the child is more important to a mother than spending hours at the neighbor’s for nothing other than gossiping.

Employ someone for domestic help, if required: Do not try to do all things by yourself. Remember you are also a human being. Let some your responsibilities be shared by your spouse or other immediate relatives. When you keep yourself busy around the clock, then your kids would grow without having known of his mother’s care and warmth, both of which are very important.

Do not commit in order to make others happy: You can never make everybody happy. Be bold enough to say ‘NO’ to anybody who comes to you with a request that will be difficult for you do. Utilize your available time for your unavoidable activities, so that you do not run out of time.

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