Time To Break Up

Time To Break Up

Time To Break Up - Signs Of A Breakup - Relationship Break Up » Break Up TimeEvery relationship has its ups and downs; however, like in the good days you may be able to win over your partner’s mood-swing with doing an activity she likes, in the bad times, there may not even be the chance of getting to talk things over, leave alone taking her out shopping or for a favourite movie outing to get her out of the dumps. While there is little you can do to change your partner’s mind once she’s decided its time to part ways, there are however a few tell-tale signs to watch out for indicating you may be headed towards a break up.

Read through the latest relationship trouble reports and see if you are headed towards heartbreak if you see the following signs in your relationship: after all, forewarned is forearmed and perhaps being prepared for the let-down may present ways for you to counter her move or at least put up a brave front, if only to save face.

Part and parcel of being a couple is that there will be times you feel less committed and confused about where you headed together; perhaps, it could be a career change with your girl-friend’s life or a need to raise your qualifications that doesn’t give you time together to build up on your relationship as in the earlier days or even having taking each other for granted so that you’ve stopped doing new, exciting activities together that has taken the flame out of your romance.

Whatever the reason that you find trouble may be looming over your relationship, don’t panic unless you know the sure-fire break-up signals are read loud and clear, like a decrease or complete lack of contact as opposed to the frequent phone calls and text messages you used to send each other. Now, if she’s stopped taking your calls and over 4 e-mails go by without getting a response or she ignores your attempts to contact her, it’s definitely indicates trouble in paradise.

Another way of judging she wants to cool it off is if she never takes talks about the future seriously when you broach the topic or is disinterested in committing to a local concert leave alone planning holidays together.

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