Tintin Speaks In Hindi After 80 Years

Tintin Speaks In Hindi After 80 Years

Tintin Speaks In Hindi After 80 Years - World Famous Tintin Comics To be Released in HindiHere’s some good news for all you comic book lovers out there! The world renowned cartoon character,’Tintin’, who is almost an icon in Belgium,, is all set to go ‘Desi’. The cartoon character as well his adventures are all set to be translated in Hindi and sold thereafter in India.

The news comes as a celebration for Tintin fans in India who love reading the cub-reporters larger than life adventures along with his trustworthy friends, Captain Archibald Haddock, Detectives Thomson and Thompson, and Professor Calculus etc. and his dog Snowy. And with the translation of these classic albums in Hindi, more people in India would have access to them.

It’s been 40 years since Herge created the first ever Tintin album. Based in Belgium, the album was a huge hit among Belgians who loved the way Tintin albums portayed new people and environments.

The scope for adventure and dicovery increased among readers who felt that the albums opened a gateway of sorts for them to connect with the rest of the world. Tintin and his friends soon became a craze in Belgium and the cartoon icon is considered as a part of the country’s national and cultural heritage to this day.

The idea to translate the original French Tintin comics to Hindi was given by Ajay Mago who happens to be the chief publisher of Om Books. As a fan of the Tintin comic book series himself, the publisher recollected how he was surprised and nearly shocked to find out that inspite of being translated into 58 languages, the comics were not available in Hindi.

Deciding to bring the comics back to India in the more readable Hindi version which in turn would appeal more to the masses, Ajay Mago approached the Franco –Belgian Casterman Publishers in 2005 for the translation rights of the Tintin albums to which the latter readily agreed.

Puneet Gupta who is a renowned advertising filmmaker, writer, graphic designer and photographer took the responsibility of translating the Tintin comics to Hindi and claims that this was his best and most enjoyable assignment yet.

So far a total of eight Tintin books have been translated and were recently unveiled by the Emabssy of Belgium alongwith the Indian publisher, Om Books International in the capital, New Delhi.

Not much is known as to how the famous lines in the albums have been translated or whether the characters would retain their original names. However, according to inside sources, a few changes have been added to the original comics to make them more readable.

These include change of names for some of the lead characters. While Tintin retains his original name, his pooch Snowy has been named Natkhat and the twin detectives, Thomson and Thompson, have been named Santu and Bantu respectively.

It is also believed that some of the famous catch phrases have been translated in Hindi as well. Accordingly, Tintin’s trademark catch phrase ‘Great Snakes’ has been translated into ‘Baal ki Khaal’ and Captain Haddock’s ever hysterical ‘billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles’ has been translated into ‘Karod kasmasate kaale kacchuve’.

The new set of Hindi Tintin comics will be priced at Rs. 195 each and will be available in the market soon. So we will just have to wait and see as to how the Indian audience likes the Desi version of their favorite comic book hero, Tintin.

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