Tipping Etiquettes

Tipping Etiquettes

Tipping Etiquettes - Waiter Tip - Vacations In Europe - Restaurant For Eating » Some tipping etiquettesHey whenever we are out in a restaurant for eating, we all are expected to tip the waiter at the end of the meal. But how many of us really know about the tipping etiquettes? Well not even 50 percent of people. Alas! But that’s the truth. When you are out in another country for a vacation, it becomes all more important for you to furnish your tipping etiquettes. So here is the article written below that will surely guide you on whom to tip, and how much to tip or do you really need to tip at all or not? So just go through this!

Always keep in mind that an excellent service calls for 20 percent of the total bill. In most of the US restaurants, they accept 15 percent as the standard tip. In restaurants where you sit t the bar or the waiters small part of themeal, 10 percent is also acceptable. The bartenders, themselves, generally receive between 15 and 20 percent when you sit at the bar.

If the find the services offered to you are not satisfactory, them make sure you talk to the restaurant owner or the manager before leaving the things. Don’t ever walk away without tipping. Just talk over and help them to modify their services. Believe me, they would definitely love your suggestions and advice.

Whenever you are out for vacations in Europe and Asia then keep in mind that some restaurants present there tack on an additional 15 percent, which is usually listed on the menu or check as a ‘service charge’ and do not expect tips.

For rest-room attendants, the tip is usually Rs.10-20.while for personal services from wine steward, opt for 10 percent of the total wine bill.

Hope the above points written really furnish your tipping etiquettes.

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