Tips for a Better Design

Tips for a Better Design

Tips for a Better Design - Tips To Create a Cozy Home - Warm Home - Tips to Decorate your Home | Tips on - Find TipsWalking into a white room lends limitless possibilities as to how you can decorate. Plain white walls with plain white shades that pull-down really offers a huge opportunity to let your creativity show. You create the space in which you live. Your home is a reflection of your imagination, creativity, and personality. Once you decorate you have set the tone in which your family is to live. It does not matter what other people think, as long as you like what you have done, that is all that matters. You are the one who adds the personal warming touches to your home to make it just that, home.

6 Tips To Create a Warm and Cozy Home

1. Theme – you should use a theme to guide you in decorating your home. The theme should be a reflection of you and all your likes, hobbies, and most importantly your personality. Any theme like the seashore, sci-fi, French Riviera, Nature, Multi-cultural, Barbie, or Tweety Bird, can be the theme in which everything in the room becomes unified. The color you paint the walls, the furniture you purchase, all of the accessories, paintings hung on the wall, and other collectibles can add a special touch to the theme for the room.

2. Keep Things Simple – Make sure everything in the room matches your theme in some way. If the articles do not match the theme, then you may wish to remove them or modify the article to match the underlying theme throughout.

3. Artifacts and Antiques – Make your room more realistic by purchasing old artifacts or antiques. These items can really place you a step above everyone else in the decorating world. For example, if you have decorated using seascape theme, you could purchase a lighthouse or create a collage of seashells.

4. Collection – any items you may have collected for years should be displayed proudly and creatively. You can display stamps, coins, rocks, dolls, or other collectibles in ways that it will draw more attention and show off your talent for decorating.

5. Color – the color you have decided upon for the underlying part of your theme must be reflected in the color of the walls, flooring, style and color of furniture, accessories such as lamps, and any linen displayed.

6. Prints and Colors Used on Furniture – the best way to do this is to keep a continuous pattern used throughout the room, even if it is not exact, similar will work as well.

If you follow the above tips, you will create a warm and comfortable living space for you and your family. You may even become the talk of the neighborhood.

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