Tips For a Glowing Skin

Tips For a Glowing Skin

Tips For a Glowing Skin - Skin Care Tips - beauty concepts - skin tone » Tips On How To Acquire A Glowing SkinFor many Indians, fair skin has long been their concept of perfect beauty. However, it no longer holds true, as honey-skinned beauties like Bipasha Basu, Sushmita Sen have given Indian beauty concepts a toss-over. While, the fair for ever Aishwarya Rais, Kareena and Karishma Kapoors still hold sway, their fairness pales away into insignificance in front of the glowing tan of the Bong Bombshells! Fair skin tone no longer rules as everyone heads out to acquire a glowing tan to rival the best.

However, without being told, everyone knows that too much exposure to the sun can damage the skin. As is obvious, tanning is not as simple as it seems. Tanning under the sun or natural tanning is a whole different from artificial tanning on a tanning bed. The following tanning tips provided here are useful in preventing the harmful effects associated with tanning, while at the same time you will get a tan that will be the envy of all.

Tips For Outdoor Sun Tanning

Before going outside in the sun for a sunbathing session, clean your skin thoroughly and remove all traces of makeup creams and perfume, as these make the skin susceptible to sunburn.

It is also very important that you moisturise with a SPF lotion before and after tanning sessions, as moisturisers prevent excessive penetration of UV rays. Slather on the moisturizer, but don’t rub it in altogether, allow a visible amount of the cream or moisturiser to remain on the skin. A good sunscreen with an SPF factor of under 15, but no less than 8 will ensure a healthy tan for your skin. Keep skin moisturised with after-sun lotion, preferably containing aloe vera, to make your tan last.

Keep a considerable gap, two days minimum between tanning sessions. This gives melanin time to produce adequate amounts. Expose your skin to the sun’s rays before 10:00 am when its intensity is moderate and not more than 25-30 minutes.

Tips For Indoor Tanning

If, you prefer going in for indoor tanning then opt for lamps with low UVB rays, as they will give you a better tan. Low intensity UVB bulbs provide a darker longer lasting tan. Don’t remain inside for more than 10-15 minutes.

Moisturize with lotions that contain DHA (dehrdroxy acetone), including SPF (sunburn protection formula). DHA enhances the tan due to nutrient supplements that add a brighter glow to tanned skin.

If, you’d rather not expose your skin to the sun’s rays fearing rash, sunburn or worse even cancer, then why not go in for tanning lotions. They can give you an excellent tan without having to step out in the sun or in front of tanning lamp. The first step to using tanning lotion to tan your skin is to exfoliate till skin is smooth. Now, apply the tanning lotion after testing for adverse reactions. Remove excess lotion to prevent an uneven tan and give it 15-minutes to dry.

If, your attempts to acquire a glowing tan fail, you can get rid of skin blotchiness with the help of baking soda massaged into damp skin. This helps to remove dead skin ready to peel off. For unnatural looking colour, wipe skin with alcohol free toner, mix body hair bleach and apply to tanned areas. Leave on for 10-minutes and wash-off.

Here are a few tips for longer lasting and a glowing tan: Before any type of sun-tanning, exfoliate the skin till it is silky smooth. Mix some moisturizer in your sun tanning lotion to help it spread easily and to prevent any streaking. Apply with long, firm strokes to avoid colour variation and for a smoother tan!

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