Tips For A Home Wedding

Tips For A Home Wedding

Tips For A Home Wedding - Hints & Advice For Planning an At-Home Wedding » Home Wedding: Tips and TricksPlanning wedding at home is fast gaining acceptance and popularity. It provides you the comfort of home without the need for worrying about reservations for wedding sites. Home wedding can be organized exactly according to your plans and wishes. Moreover you end up saving quite a lot of money by organizing the wedding at your home. Nonetheless the task is not as easy as it sounds. Planning a wedding at home can turn into a bedlam if proper planning and execution of plans is not applied.

The foremost step to be taken before organizing your wedding at your home is to conduct a thorough cleaning of your home. You can hire housekeepers from an agency for the task and get all the mess cleaned up. Make some provision that these people are also available later to help with cleaning because the house is bound to become messy with all the wedding preparations in full swing.

One thing which should be taken into consideration while planning a home wedding is the number of guests you invite to the occasion. When you are charting down the names of guests, calculate the number of people you are planning to invite and make sure that this count can be easily accommodated in your home with ample space for eating, dancing, etc. In case you have a garden in your home, you can utilize this space by setting up a canopy and make arrangements for catering in the garden.

You can put up signs in front of restrooms to help the guests in locating them easily. The restrooms should be equipped with basket of tissues, toilet papers, sanitizers and towels for use by guests. Many a times, guests wander into private rooms and fidget with your personal items.

Thus it is advisable to lock such rooms and put a signboard saying ‘Private’ in front of these rooms. You can even keep one room aside for kids to play. Remove all the breakable and fragile items from the room and stock it with cushions and games. You can hire a babysitter to look after the kids.

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