Tips for a Safe Diwali

Tips for a Safe Diwali

Tips for a Safe Diwali - Eco Friendly Diwali - Healthy Diwali - Tips to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali » Tips to Celebrate Eco-Friendly DiwaliDiwali is a festival that is associated with light, enlightenment, prosperity and happiness. However, in a pursuit of celebrating happiness, we tend to do harm to our environment. Newspapers are flooded with news of the harmful effects of crackers used in diwali.

Campaigns for a safe and healthy diwali are gaining popularity as people are realizing the dangers of harmful toxins and pollution associated with crackers. This article will throw light on some ways by which you can celebrate diwali the eco-friendly way.

Light candles and diyas to express your joy and happiness. However, abstain from burning crackers as they have harmful chemicals in them which in turn cause serious damage to the environment.

When you burn a cracker, you must always remember that the temporary light of these crackers can lead to a looming darkness which can be caused by environmental destruction. Not only are these crackers harmful for the environment, but they are also dangerous for your health.

This is because a majority of crackers today have a harmful effect on your nervous system and can hamper your immunity system. Add to it the dangers of noise pollution caused by crackers.

These days, many eco-friendly crackers can be seen in markets. These crackers are made from recycled paper and do not emit harmful chemicals and toxins in the environment. In addition, these crackers do not lead to noise pollution as instead of producing a bursting sound, they produce lights.

Along with using eco-friendly crackers, you should also try to preserve power or light energy by using diyas and candles instead of electrical lights. Go the old and traditional way as that will help in saving your environment from unnecessary pollution and power consumption.

Celebrating diwali the eco-friendly way will ensure that this time you not only celebrate diwali, but do so with a meaning and purpose.

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