Tips For A Safe Holi

Tips For A Safe Holi

Tips For A Safe Holi - Precautions For Safe Holi - Holi Safety Tips » Tips for a Safe HoliHoli is a festival of colors which adds colors of joy, happiness and fun in one’s life. However, playing a safe holi is essential for preventing various kinds of unwanted accidents that can range from mild to severe. Given below are some helpful tips which would help you enjoy the true essence of holi along with keeping it safe and healthy.

Though there is no denying the fact that holi is a festival of application of colors on each other, one should follow this custom in a safe way. That is to say, use herbal and safe colors as permanent and those with chemicals can seriously harm the skin and hair of a person. Enjoy and respect the spirit of holi and don’t turn it into a violent game.

In order to protect your eyes from the harm of colors, you must wear a sunglass. Many times, you might find unwanted water balloons and colors directed at you and having your eyes protected with sunglasses helps in preventing any accidental eye injury or eye infection caused due to allergic reactions from colors.

Like your eyes, your hair too needs protection from the various colors of holi. Wearing a hat or a cap and keeping your hair tied properly helps. It’s advised that one should tie one’s hair and not leave it open. Also, you should apply some oil on your hair to protect it from becoming dry and brittle. Applying oil on the body helps in preventing drying out of skin. Additionally, wear full sleeved clothes to protect your arms from the harmful effects of colors. You can also use dental caps to prevent the straining of your teeth.

After the fun and frolic of holi and play of colors is over, you must properly wash yourself and your hair. Use lukewarm water and avoid color from getting into your eyes and mouth. Also, fully moisturize your body after having a bath so as to prevent dryness and allergies.

Thus, follow the given tips to have a safe and happy holi.

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