Tips for African Safari Honeymoon

Tips for African Safari Honeymoon

Tips for African Safari Honeymoon - Romance and Adventure in South Africa - Krueger National Park - Serengeti | Tips on - Find TipsAfrica is blessed with nature’s splendors. For honeymoon couples, wild Africa could be a romantic destination. A journey to the dense forests of Africa with their diverse wildlife accompanied with the luxury and comfort of organized safari tours will make your honeymoon memorable.

Here is the list of popular African safaris that is perfect for couples searching for both romance and adventure.

South Africa
The lodges at Kruger National Park provide colonial-style luxury to visitors. Here you will get hot bubble bath, four-course meals and butler services in the midst of the wild bush land. You can go on an informative game drive or on a guided bush walk and follow the trail of the lioness or an elephant herd. It is possible to catch a glimpse of the big cats and other nocturnal creature when they come into the open grassland, while you watch the sunrise in the bush veldt.

Tanzania is packed with safaris that would excite any honeymoon couple. The plains of Serengeti, Tarangire and Nqorongoro are worth exploring if you are looking for some real jungle adventure. Stop briefly at the Lake Manyara National Park before heading off to the popular Serengeti plains. If you are lucky, you will see the tree-climbing lions of Manyara, the only lion species blessed with this capability.

While on the Masai Mara Safari, you could witness the migration of millions of animals from the plains of Serengeti to the Masai Mara plains. The great migration takes place during the summer when the plain of Serengeti dries up and after the rains rejuvenate the plains, the animals return to their original homeland. Here you will not encounter millions of zebra, eland, gazelle and other wild beasts. This park also has its share of lions and leopards.

Okavango Delta
Nothing can be as exciting as the game drives in open vehicles in the Okavango Delta. The best time to go on a game drive is during the afternoon, when the animals come out of their hideouts to quench their thirsts. The terrain may be rough but the wildlife diversity of the region is amazing.

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