Tips For Bathing Your New Baby

Tips For Bathing Your New Baby

Tips For Bathing Your New Baby - Basics of Babys First Bath & How To Bathe A Toddler » Bathing Basics For Your ToddlerAs your toddler continues to grow independent, you will find yourself cherishing many memories of your time together. One of these memories that will stay with you all your life will surely be of you giving your toddler his first bath.

And if you thought that, that bath was the worst, then I have news for you. Difficult times have in fact started now, with your toddler having a mind of his own and liking to assert it every now and then.

Bathing, though sounds like a simplistic ritual, but is far more. If done right it is a fun filled, wonderful, shared experience that fosters a great bond between mother and child. However, if done wrong your child can actually suffer from a lifelong fear of water, and worse never learn to swim.

As a mother don’t ignore or neglect his bath time. Bathing is perhaps the most important ritual of healthy adult life, after eating and drinking. It can be, and should be seen by him as an happy event, an occasion to look forward to. Listen to your toddler, observe what he likes and dislikes. If he likes playing with the soap dish or mug, then indulge him.

The other less desirable option, of course, is to hear him bawl his way through his bath. This happens because it is natural for your child to be scared of water, and the big colourful buckets. Also remember he is naked and hence feeling more vulnerable or even cold. So always stay close to him, just an arm away, so that he can feel reassured.

It is also a good idea to invest in a good quality baby bather, commonly available in the market. Introduce it to him outside the bathroom first, so that he gets acquainted with it. Buy him some bubble bath, and squeaky water toys like ducks, as all children love these. Use a good quality soap and shampoo, preferably ones that are made for babies, as they contain fewer detergents and are milder for his skin. Always put the bather in the sun after a bath, so that no bacteria can breed in the moist cloth.

Always begin the bath by splashing him with a little lukewarm bath water. Indicate to him that you are in fact playing another game with him. Keep splashing till he has calmed down. You can also distract him by giving him a couple of his favorite toys. When he is all settled in his tub or bather, then begin using the baby soap.

Start by applying soap on his feet and toes. Scrub the soles of his feet clean, then his legs, thighs and privates well. Just wash him clean with a firm hand. Then proceed on to the stomach, clean the navel and arm pits well. Then go on to the neck. Try getting him to lift his neck, by dangling something, so you can get to the grime between his fatty neck folds. Lastly clean his face and head, as that alarms your toddler the most.

Never pour mugs of water directly on his head or face as it will scare him and he may forget to breathe, resulting in a loud cry of alarm. So go slow and easy with him. Start by putting some soap on his face, behind the ears as well.

Clean the outer part of his ears with your fingers alone, and ensure no water goes into the ear at any point in the bath. Then slowly with fingers scoop water out of the bucket and pour on his head. Do this slowly, but deliberately so that you get as much soap as possible in a few quick scoops. Lastly, shampoo his head, with a mild shampoo. Rinse up a nice lather and again with scoops of water wash the soap away.

However, you need to take certain precautions. Never ever leave your toddler unattended in the bathroom, as with all the water around he is bound to slip and hurt himself. Never let him walk by himself in the bathing area, for the same reason.

Be gentle in sensitive parts, never scrub or rub them hard. Be gentle around his eyes, ears and nose, and avoid getting soap into these parts. Lastly always make sure no matter how hot the weather is; always bathe him with lukewarm water at best. Never expose his delicate little body to cold water.

Let bathing be a fun experience for him, especially in summers let him soak in his tub for longer. Teach him how to splash water and play fun water games with him. Keep these simple things in mind the next time you bathe your toddler and you will see a change in his attitude towards water and soap. After the balcony, the bathroom will become his new favorite haunt.

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