Tips For Better Blanket Care

Tips For Better Blanket Care

Tips For Better Blanket Care - Cleaning Woolen Blankets - How To Clean Blankets » Tips For Cleaning BlanketsWe always inclined to what other people say. Forget about the myths that we can not clean our blankets. We are scared that home cleaning or washing will make our blankets shrink and crumple.

This should depend on type of blankets and to let you that wool blanket can be washed at home easily. The only thing you got to do is to make sure if your washing machine can hold your blanket. So before dumping the blanket inside the machine ensure that you take correct measurement of the wool blanket with the size of the washing machine. If it is ill fitting your blanket will not get washed properly.

Once everything is ensured, you can start with the cleaning process. If the blanket has got stain in specific area and it can be very stubborn to get washed inside the machine so before cramping in, spray a detergent powder on the area and spread it on the floor and brush with the particular cool cloth brush in order to avoid any distortion in the blanket.

While washing use cold water and make sure when you use powder in machine to wash with wool friendly powder so that it doesn’t get spoiled. If the blanket doesn’t fit into machine you can apt to hand washing. This can be done by putting cloth in the tub and spread down and rub with soft nylon brush if the blanket is woolen. Press the blanket on it to rinse off water. Or you can roll up by squeezing out the access water.

You must know how to dry your blanket. First take a towel and clean the table and then flatten the blanket out on top and stretch it to its original shape. Hang the blanket on the strong line of ropes or strung cloths so that it doesn’t fall. Now your wool blanket is washed without giving it to dry cleaning.

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