Tips For Breaking Up Peacefully

Tips For Breaking Up Peacefully

Tips For Breaking Up Peacefully - How to Break Up Peacefully - Peaceful Ways To Breakup » Tips for Breaking up PeacefullyBreaking up with someone can be an extremely complicated task as it involves confrontations that can prove heart-wrenching for both the involved persons. However you can reduce the emotional baggage attached with a break up to end the relationship on peaceful terms.

Since you are the one breaking up, it is your responsibility to ensure that the confrontation remains peaceful and you part ways on good terms. Maintain your calm and composure and explain your partner why and how the relationship is not working for you. Choose your words carefully, for instance you can say that “I think we are not compatible together” instead of blaming your partner for the failure of the relationship.

It is likely that your partner will get in the defensive mood and throw harsh statements at you. Even if your partner is throwing snaps at you, remain calm and act rationally. It is obvious that your partner is hurt and will try to hurt you back in every possible way. Tell your partner that you understand their pain instead of accusing them.

However there is a possibility that the conversation can turn into an argument. If it does blow up into an argument, ensure that you on your part refrain from insults and accusations. Give a patient hearing to your partner’s complaints and acknowledge their feelings. Nonetheless maintain your stand and be gentle as you persuade your partner about it.

Break ups are bound to be painful for both you and your partner. It may involve shedding tears. But don’t stay too long to comfort and console your ex. This will make it difficult for both of you and may bring back old feelings.

Avoid dwelling on the memories of the past and move on in life. Don’t call up your ex often or it might trigger more arguments and accusations which can cause further hurt and pain. Even if you decide to remain friends after break up, make sure that you don’t hang out too much together or talk on phone for long hours. It is likely to complicate things for both of you.

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