Tips for Breast Self Examination

Tips for Breast Self Examination

Tips for Breast Self Examination - Breast Self Examination - Steps in Examining Breasts -Self Examination of Breasts | Tips on - Find TipsBreast Self Examination

Self examination of breast regularly in every month is a must to detect the breast cancer. It won’t take much of your time. It needs only fifteen minutes. You can start it from the age of twenty onwards. Fix a time after you finished your menstrual cycle and before your ovulation time, because at this period your hormonal levels will be normal. If you are after menopause then you can adopt any date on the month.

Steps in Examination

1. Find a place having privacy and place a mirror there. Strip to the waist and stand in front of the mirror so that you can see both the breast. Make sure that you have enough light in the room. Keep your hands at the hip and check the appearance of your breast the form, shape and size. Check for the rashes or any color change. Make sure that your nipple and areola are healthy.

2. Now raise your hands and keep it behind your head. You have to check the movement of the breast, their shape, size and symmetry. See whether the nipple is in warded or have any dimples on the breast. Check the arm pit for swellings.

3. Raise your right hand and check your right breast with the left hand. Make circular motions on the breast to know is there any lumps. Stroke the breast with three fingers from the center to all the way to the armpit and from top to bottom. This will help you to recognize the textural difference of your breast. Repeat the same with the other breast too.

4. Stand in front of the mirror with both your arms lowered. Squeeze the left nipple with the right hand fingers and sees is there any fluid ooze out. Pull the nipple forward and leave it to check whether it attains the normal position or pull back in to the breast.

5. Lie down on your bed with a pillow and keep your shoulders and head on the pillow. Raise the left arm and check the left breast with right arm by stroking. Check the underarms and the way from the breast to underarms. This will help you to point out the lumps, textural changes, size or shape difference in your breast.

If you have any unusual changes then consult your doctor and make sure your health.

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