Tips for Burns Skin

Tips for Burns Skin

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Human skin is very sensitive and if you will not take care of your skin at the time burns, then it can play havoc with your skin. Here are few remedies which help you to heal burns fast and prevent the painful blister. But at the time of severe burns immediate medical attention is very essential.

Tips or remedies for burns:

1. It is one of the best remedy for burn treatment. Take a large piece of cotton wool and burn it then use the ash of burned cotton and mix it with olive oil, then make a thick paste of it. Apply this paste on your burnt skin and cover it with a piece of cloth. And you will see pain will disappear within few minutes, but if pain comes back again then put some fresh paste on your wound again. Use this paste for a week and see the fast & effective results.

2. Take some bark of the tamarind tree and burn it, then collect the ash and mix it with some coconut oil. Apply this mixture on your burnt area. It will remove the painful sensation of the burns. It is very useful remedy for burns.

3. Put some henna leaves and mix them in mustard oil. Now grind the henna leave properly and apply them on your burnt area. It will give you immense relief at the time of skin burns.

4. It is very simple remedy for burn. Cut thin slices of potatoes and place them on the affected area and tie them with cloth bondage. It is giving you quick relief from the burns. Take some oil and camphor in equal quantities and mix them. Apply this on your affected area. It provides you relief from the pain.

5. In a cup of yogurt put some limestone and make a paste. Now apply the paste on your burnt skin. It will stop any blisters to occur after burn and give you immediate relief from the burn.

6. Take some black eyed peas and grass together and make a fine paste of it. Apply the paste on your skin. It will take short time to remove the pain and give you fast and effective recovery.

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