Tips For Coloring Grey Hair

Tips For Coloring Grey Hair

Tips For Coloring Grey Hair - Grey Hair Problems - Grey Hair Causes And Treatment » Colouring Grey HairMany men today are concerned about the issue of hair related problems like early greying of hair and thus, want to educate themselves about ways to best address this problem, including finding the best advice on colouring grey hair.

Before we get into the various nuances of colouring grey hair, it is important to point out that grey hair might be caused due to uncontrolled stress, hereditary reasons or even due to pollution in the environment a person lives in. It is first important to analyze which of these reasons is applicable in your case, so you can work to eliminate the root cause if possible after having taken the right treatment for renewing your locks.

It is also important to understand that some men don’t quite mind the few strands of grey hair as it makes them look distinguished other men in their twenties even are known to have asked the hair stylish to streak some highlights of grey into their hair – to look different and exciting! However, for the majority of men seeking to colour (and thus conceal) their grey hair, there are many products in the market – both herbal and cosmetic – that promise instant results and are also easy to use besides being readily available at the corner drugstore or over the Internet.

Before rushing out to buy the first hair colouring product you’ve heard advertised though, it is best to learn about the various levels of each, so you buy the right kind for your hair colouring needs, say hair grooming experts.

The first level is semi-permanent colour, which keeps the new colour close to your natural hair colour shade; used by men who only want to enhance their natural shade of grey, its good for treating grey hair up to 50 percent. This level of colouring lasts for 6 to 12 shampoo rinses and are usually free from ammonia and peroxide, thus they do not lighten the hair subsequently.

The next level, called Demi-permanent hair colour are stronger, typically used to blend and cover more grey hair levels (75%) and last 24 shampoos at least while the third level, called Permanent colour offers the longest effects of concealing the greys and is more complicated, requiring professional expertise to give best results.

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