Tips For Effective Copy Writing

Tips For Effective Copy Writing

Tips For Effective Copy Writing - Steps To Effective Copy Writing To Boost SalesWeb designing of ecommerce sites should incorporate proper product description. This has been observed to substantially increase conversion rates of ecommerce. Writing copy for each product also increases number of search traffic in addition to enhancing conversion rate.

Retailers usually rely on copy written by manufacturers or solely on images for attracting customers. This fails to draw and convince target traffic about product quality or service.

Effective copy writing for ecommerce sites primarily target to accomplish two goals. It needs to establish trust and convince visitors or prospective buyers about the quality of the product. The problem with ecommerce is a potential buyer can’t ‘feel’ the product physically. A copywriter should realize and anticipate the need of building trust to persuade the prospective buyer with clever use of words.

It is crucial to follow the right tone while showcasing usability of the product and its benefits. A sensible copy of products and services increase attraction and reliability of a site. Here are some simple tips that may help online retailers in developing effective copy for their products.

Keep an eye on proper format while developing copy for ecommerce sites. Combine paragraphs and bullet format. Most visitors prefer to scan the page and prefers bullet format to learn about product details and quick facts. Paragraphs may be used for providing general descriptions and adding special personal touch that elicit emotional response.

Avoid using long sentences that are hard to comprehend. Try avoiding pointless modifiers and break up independent clauses into short sentences. Using unnecessary long phrases, adjectives and adverbs may spoil the appeal of your ecommerce copy.

Focus on clarity and prepare a crisp copy for the product. Avoid using jargons and clichés. These may confuse and distract the visitors. Your goal is to convince visitors in buying the product. A confused visitor rarely coverts into a buyer.

Use simple language that can be easily understood by common people. Keep in mind that the product should be highlighted and not vocabulary of the copywriter. Effective copywriting for ecommerce sites should be written in active voice.

Using active voice makes it easier for the prospective buyers and helps in creating an intimate tone.

Avoiding some simple mistakes of copywriting makes it more effective. Establishing a common tone for the ecommerce site is very crucial for developing effective copy. Usually copy for the homepage of a site and product descriptions are written by different copywriters. Unless you define the tone of campaign there bound to be inconsistency among copies written by different writers.

Make sure that each product on a page is covered with description. Leaving some products without copy creates wrong impression about reliability of the site.

Exaggerating about products decrease trust and authenticity. This should be strictly avoided while copywriting for ecommerce sites. Explain with facts and be logical while explaining benefits. Try to follow conventional words like “add to basket” on links and buttons that lead to product page. Anything creative in this area may distract the prospective buyer.

Modes of payment, shipping and other charges should be clearly stated. Avoid using small fonts, footnotes or asterisks for this purpose that may waste time of buyers.

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