Tips For Green Landscaping

Tips For Green Landscaping

Tips For Green Landscaping - Green Landscaping Home Ideas » Green Landscaping Tips For Your Home And SurroundingsGreen landscaping is a great way to beautify the environment around your home in an eco-friendly way. It’s how you can save energy and make sure the ecosystem around your home is preserved.

This article will provide you with green landscaping tips for your home and its surroundings.

Tips For Green Landscaping

You need to make sure the plants in your front yard and back yard match your home’s appearance. You need to find out if the plants are sustainable or whether they have been planted professionally. Also, you should check whether the water sprinklers are efficient enough to help conserve water. You can also install a green roof on your home and give it the green appeal you desire.

You need to find out if you have enough space around your home, so that you can have a garden there. Even though you may have a garden, you should make sure that the soil is good enough for your plants. If the soil is indeed good, you should plant both deciduous and evergreen trees. There should be shrubs and ground covers to help make your landscape energy-efficient. Ground cover plants provide shelter to the soil and help to reduce the radiation which reaches your home. Shrubs, on the other hand, insulate your home in winter as well as summer seasons.

If you’re building a new home, you can bring in the green appeal right from the beginning. Consult your builder as to how you can make use of green building concepts, and keep a watch regarding its implementation. If you’re going for a green makeover on your existing home, try installing a living wall made up of green wall blocks.

Installing a living wall made up of green retaining wall blocks is a great way to replace stretches of grass with eco-friendly plants that will beautify your yard as well as save water. You can fill in the wall blocks with succulents that are plants retaining water in their stems, leaves and roots for a long period. Some of the succulents recommended for this purpose are Sedum sarmentosum, Phedimus takesimensis, etc.

So, whether you’re building a home or going for a green makeover, try these green landscaping tips to keep your home surroundings green and eco-friendly.

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