Tips for Installing a Carpet

Tips for Installing a Carpet

Tips for Installing a Carpet - How to Installing Carpet - Carpet Installation Tips | Tips on - Find TipsA carpeted floor creates an intimate atmosphere for your room and also the room looks elegant. If you regularly dust and vacuum your carpet, it will ensure that the flooring looks new for a very long time. For many people laying a carpet is tiresome and hence they employ a professional to carry out this task. This article guides systematically how to go about laying carpet using which you can do it yourself without taking outside help.

Installing the Carpet

Supplies Required
Items such as Carpet, Self-leveling Compound, Vacuum Cleaner, Carpet Cutter, Hammer, Utility Knife, Tack Strip, Duct Tape, Stair Tool and Knee Kicker are required for executing this task.

Floor Preparation

You have to first prepare the floor. It is essential that the floor is smooth and clean. If you have a wooden floor the carpeting area needs to be swept or vacuum cleaned. Flatten any projecting nails on the floorboard with a hammer. If you have a concrete floor level the floor with a compound that is self-leveling and this will even out rough parts.

Tack Strips installation

Installing tack strips at the wall edges facilitates holding the carpet firmly on the wall edges of the room.

Carpet padding installation

Installation of carpet padding is to be done next. Carpet padding has to be cut to facilitate its reaching the tack strip. Keep its bumpy side up and install it. Make sure that there is no overlapping of the strips of carpet padding and they come together smoothly. Use duct tape on the seams need to be covered. Any excess found in carpet padding needs by cut off using a carpet cutter or utility knife.

Measure the Room

The carpet area of the floor that requires carpeting has to be measured. This is necessary to calculate the quantity of carpet required in square yards for covering the floor.

Cutting the Carpet

The pile arrangement of the carpet has to be noted at the time of sizing the carpet. Cut-pile carpet requires to be cut with a utility knife along its back. Loop-pile carpets are to be cut through their face. At the time of cutting, ensure that the direction of the pile is the same. The carpet cut must exceed the room measurement by 3 to 5 inches.

Laying the Carpet

The carpet has to be attached inside the tack strips with a knee kicker. Using the power stretcher stretch the carpet and attach it inside the tack strips.

Finish laying the carpet

The wrinkles in the carpet require smoothening. Shear off the carpet excess with care. By using a stair tool you must ensure that the carpet is secured into the space between the wall and tack less strips. At the doorway an edge strip must be installed and the carpet in this area has to be cut. This will prevent anybody pulling it out at the time of opening the door.

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