Tips For Instant Irresistibility

Tips For Instant Irresistibility

Tips For Instant Irresistibility - Definition of Irresistibility - Develop your irresistibility - Timesavings ideas for instant irresistibility » Timesaving Tips For Instant IrresistibilitySkip the grease and lay on the charm, wise men of yore with many years of wining and dining beautiful female companions would say. But, then, they had all the time in the world to build up and live up to the image of a dandy with none of the demands of a high-stress job, friends and corporate relations to maintain, rush hour traffic to deal with and other modern day pull-downers, wouldn’t you time-strapped modern men say?

So, for all of you that have punctuality issues when dating, we present some practical and tried time-saving tips for instant irresistibility that are sure to strike lucky with your next date and win you many more in the bargain.

Coming back to what we said in the beginning, a recently conducted survey by Lycos, echoes the same: that greasy hair ranks as the 3rd biggest turn off for women, after dog breath and beer gut as far as disadvantages in a date is concerned for them.

If you have this problem, get rid of it for all times by investing in a medicated, specially formulated shampoos for the purpose and use tepid water to wash your hair, taking care not to rub too vigorously as greasy hair is caused due to over-activated sebaceous glands on the scalp. Alternately, opt for using Dry Shampoo treatments that help absorb excess grease and allow you to style your hair too.

To save time when you’re running late for a date, skip the shave – you can always take the recourse of going the Brad Pitt (5 o’clock shadow) way with a few days growth on you, which is a better choice than hurrying your way through a quick-shave and landing on her doorstep with a rash – and late to boot.

Do pay attention to your hands – they give the most away about how high hygience ranks on your list and most women notice a man’s hands first anyway; besides, they’re constantly on show – whether you’re eating, talking, dancing or making a move, so it makes sense to scrub with a nailbrush and trim squarely across the top and nourishing them with a hand-cream after hitting the shower.

Now, you’re ready to knock ‘em dead – and all well in time, with our timesaving times to make your irresistible to your date.

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