Tips for Interviewing a Nanny

Tips for Interviewing a Nanny

Tips for Interviewing a Nanny - How to Hire a Nanny - Nanny Interview Questions - How to Interview a Nanny | Tips on - Find TipsIn today’s society, the mother is less likely to stay home and raise the child. We live in a world of dual income families. Since there is no parent home to raise the child, many families are employing nannies to take the mother’s place. A child will probably wind up spending more time with their nanny than their parents and will therefore form a strong bond with the nanny. Before hiring a nanny, both the parents and the child have to feel comfortable with the person. When interviewing a nanny, make sure to get a list of references and check them. Ask around your child’s play groups if any of the other parents can recommend a suitable nanny. When interviewing for a nanny position, ask some of the following questions to make sure this person will make a good addition to your family and is suitable to care for your child.

The first question is based on experience. How many years has this person worked as a nanny? What age groups does the nanny have experience with and how many children are they capable of handling at once? When working with children, inquire as to how the nanny handled situations of defiance or stubbornness. Find out what the reason is that the person became a nanny. Learn about their caring and teaching techniques. What strengths will they bring to the position? Find out about their education as well. Have they taken any child rearing classes or do they have any medical certifications such as CPR? How does she respond to an emergency? Does she know when the pediatrician needs to be called and when it is a true 911 emergency?

Learn about the prospective nanny as an individual. Do they drive? Having a car may be a necessity for the position. Does the nanny smoke? You may want your child to grow up in a smoke-free environment. Is the nanny able to follow the rules and guidelines you have set for your household? It is important that you as the parents and the nanny share the same beliefs and practices when it comes to raising, teaching and reprimanding a child. Find out why the nanny has left her previous position.

Find out what the nanny will do to keep the child occupied. On nice days, will they take the child out to explore the neighborhood? What activities will she take part in with the child to keep the child from being bored while teaching them things?

Searching for the right caregiver for your child is not an easy task nor should it be taken lightly. Feel free to ask as many questions as needed to make you feel secure in your decision.

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