Tips for Men to Dress for a Casual Night Out

Tips for Men to Dress for a Casual Night Out

Tips for Men to Dress for a Casual Night Out - Men Casual Outfit for Night - Casual Jacket | Tips on - Find TipsMany men prefer to go for a party in a restaurant, sports bar or in a lounge. They would like to have debonair look for the party. Here are some simple steps that can help you to have sophisticated appearance.

Dress for a Casual Night Out

1. Before dressing up for the party takes a nice bath and makes your self smell and look neat. Shave your beard and use cologne only in a meager manner. Make sure that your finger nails are clean and devoid of dirt.

2. Use some styling gels to style your hair. You can try different casual hair styles that can impart great look for you.

3. Choose your dress in such a manner that you can have them in layers so that you can take off the outer jacket or sweater if it is hot inside the party room. You can select a T-shirt for wearing under a V-neck or crew sweater made of cashmere or wool. A jersey or sweater with a high close-fitting collar also looks nice. You can also wear a collared shirt which can be either polo or button down under a casual jacket.

4. While wearing the sweaters and shirts make sure that you are comfortable with them.

5. Depending on the mood of the occasion you can choose khakis, jeans, slacks etc. if you are wearing a pant then choose the one with flat front than a pleated pant as the flat front pants gives a more casual look.

6. After wearing the pant check the length of the pant. The length of the pant should be enough to robe the top of the shoes and must not scarp the ground.

7. Choose a shoe that matches your outfit. Never put any of the socks that come in your way. You have to select the socks also. Avoid light colored socks if you are wearing a dark colored pant and so the athletic socks. You can also choose shoes that match your belt and socks that go with your pants.

8. Ensure that your socks don’t have any holes which are enough to make you embarrassed if are forced to take off your shoes.

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