Tips for planning your anniversary

Tips for planning your anniversary

Tips for planning your anniversary - How to Plan an Anniversary Celebration - Anniversary Gifts | Tips on - Find TipsMay it be your 1st anniversary or your 50th; anniversaries are always very special for the couple. Here are some tips for planning your anniversary. Have a theme around which the whole anniversary is being celebrated. May be it is your 50th anniversary then gold could be a theme.

Budget plan

Plan how much you want to spend on your anniversary. If you do not plan this in advance, you may end up spending way above your limitation.

Guests List

First make a list of guests whom you are going to call and who are very important to you.

Hall Booking

Book a comfortable sized hall for the anniversary which will fit in the number of people you are inviting.


Depending upon your budget get the invites printed. If you do not have more budgets, then you can just scan the couples photograph on to a computer and make it as an invite with the time, date and venue of the celebration.


Decoration with balloons is very common. But use themes in these balloons. Get 50 successful years on the balloons. This looks different and good. Get the hall decorated with gold color satin cloth. Remember, you are important for yourself and for others.

So don’t forget the red carpets on the path way. Have Kids on both sides of the pathway throwing flowers, thermocol balls which are colored, on you. This looks really cool and awesome.


Get the Picture of the husband and wife written on the cake. This is a very cool way to exhibit your love. If not you can have a boy and girl dancing wearing a golden dress.

Food and drinks

Know what your husband or wife likes to have for food and drinks. This by itself becomes a superb menu. But remember, book for food and drinks well in advance.

Anniversary Gift

Know what your partner has yearned to have for years and get it as a gift. Nothing can be more enjoyable for your partner than this.

Arrange for a cameraman, videographer or have a handy cam. If the guests are enthusiastic you can have some games also.

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