Tips for Re-Stretching your Carpet

Tips for Re-Stretching your Carpet

Tips for Re-Stretching your Carpet - How to Restretch a Carpet - Tips on Re-Stretching Carpet - Power Stretcher | Tips on - Find TipsAny carpet has a tendency to fade away over a period of time and usage. It is possible for you to rejuvenate this carpet and restore its original appearance by using a power stretcher. The main objective of re-stretching your carpet is to make sure that it is tight just like a new carpet. A properly stretched carpet does not get bubbles, wrinkles and buckles and this increases the carpet life. If you are keen to restore the original characteristics of the carpet at the time of purchase you can do so at your home. The following tips on re-stretching will educate you on this process.

Tips for Re-stretching your Carpet

• A power stretcher capable of stretching the carpet and a knee kicker are necessary for re-stretching your carpet. Educate yourself with their function, either through friends or the marketing company

• Power stretch your carpet starting at the wall center; stretch at intervals of smaller sections of about 18”. You must hook the carpet to a tack strip after stretching and pulling.

• This process has to be continued starting from the wall side where there is a door. Repeat this process on the opposite side starting from the center.

• You must do a proper stretching of the sides. Start from the point which is one foot away from the point where you pulled the carpet. Hook to the tack board as done earlier.

• The knee kicker has to be used for hard-to-reach areas such as built-in cabinets etc and also in the corners. Use the teeth in the kicker to dig into the carpet and use your knee to push the kicker to stretch the carpet. Hook to the tack again.

• Use a carpet cutter to trim the carpet near the baseboards; also cut the carpet sides. Using a utility knife, you can trim the corners/ built-ins.

• The last activity is to put the carpet edges inside the tack strip; this can be done either by using a hammer and screwdriver or a carpet cutter. Using the carpet cutter is the best method for tucking in the carpet edges.

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