Tips for Removing Wrinkles

Tips for Removing Wrinkles

Tips for Removing Wrinkles - Blepharoplasty - Breast Augmentation - Pigmentation Spots | Tips on - Find TipsDaily skin care routine – Many people follow a strict routine that helps them to take good care of their skin. This involves cleansing, toning, massaging and moisturizing the skin everyday. Following this routine helps to remove the dead cells which are present in the skin and it also helps the skin to glow since it looks fresh. Taking care of your skin also involves eating the right kind of food and doing regular exercise, which helps a person to look completely healthy.

Skin that is aging can also be treated through surgery. Some of the surgical methods used are:

Chemical peeling – Using this treatment, the texture of the skin on the face improves and it becomes totally smooth with absolutely no blemishes on it. A chemical solution is used which first makes the skin swell and then it starts peeling. The skin that lies below this layer that has been peeled is smooth and does not contain any wrinkles.

Liquid Nitrogen (LN) Peeling – Freckles, pigmentation spots and warts are removed with the help of liquid nitrogen. This is a very cold liquid that is applied to the particular area of the skin, which needs to be treated and kept for a few seconds. The skin then becomes dark and then scaly and begins to fall off. The skin that lies below this layer will be smooth, beautiful and totally free of wrinkles. But this treatment will last for a week.

Dermabrasion – The outermost layer of the skin or the epidermis is removed by a method called sanding or abrasion. This method is mainly used for skin, which has been damaged by the sun. It is also used to reduce scars or pigmentation on the skin. Mild anesthesia has to be administered while this treatment is being given and so the patient is semi-conscious when the procedure is taking place. Laser Dermabrasion is a lesser painful alternative.

Collagen injections – Fillers containing collagen are injected into different parts of the face so that they will fill up all the gaps that have been created by lines, furrows and other hollow areas. This makes the skin look both smooth as well as plump. Apart from collagen, many other synthetic materials and even the excess fat from other parts of your body can be used to make the skin look plumper.

Facelifts – This mainly involves removing wrinkles or the excess skin that is on the face. This can also be done without disturbing the tissues that lie below the skin. This is the most popular method to treat skin that is aging. The other more popular methods are liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and blepharoplasty or surgery for the eyelids.

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