Tips for Safe Air Travel with Your Pet

Tips for Safe Air Travel with Your Pet

Tips for Safe Air Travel with Your Pet - Tips for Safe Pet Air Travel - Pet Air Travel - Journey With Your Pet | Tips on - Find TipsTaking your pet for an air travel is not an easy task. You must be well prepared before taking your pet to the flight. If your pet is small then you can take him to the cabin. If you are planning to take your pet along with the cargo then you must follow certain things.

Here are some tips to make your journey along with your pet easy:

1. Take your pet to the veterinary hospital and under take a through check up. You must get a health certificate from your veterinarian certifying that your pet is disease free and healthy too. You have to update all vaccinations of your pet. If you are traveling across a country then you have to contact foreign office of the other country and you have to meet their rules and regulations.

2. Place a microchip on your pet which may help you for identification. Let your pet wear a collar and ID tag which should have the destination address. If you missed your pet in any chance then this tag may help you to retrieve the pet.

3. Try to get a direct flight so as to avoid the problems of mishandling.

4. If you are taking your pet as cargo then mark at the top of the crate as live animal and also mark the upright position. Also write the name, address and phone number of your pet’s destination point. Line the bottom of the crate with beddings or towel to decrease the shocks. Never lock the crate door as the airline person can’t open it in case of emergency.

5. Keep a dish of frozen water inside the crate so that it will melts by the time your pet get thirsty. All tie a cloth pouch outside the crate that may contain dried food and the airline personal can feed him if he is hungry.

6. Usually the pets are not tranquilized while traveling as it may obstruct the free breathing. Your veterinarian can decide this well.

7. It will be beneficial to tell every employee of the airline in the ground and in the plane that you are traveling with your pet so that they may help you if your pet needs any additional care.

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