Tips for Safety in Eastern Europe

Tips for Safety in Eastern Europe

Tips for Safety in Eastern Europe - How to be Safe in Eastern Europe - Europe Travel Tips - Safety for Women in Europe | Tips on - Find TipsThe article gives tips to those women intended to travel to Eastern Europe for vacation or work purposes. While people think Eastern Europe to be a safe haven for women, nonetheless, there are certain precautions to be taken especially when traveling alone. It is better than repenting later.

1. Do not go without any guided tours. It gives comfort, safety and security.

2. Never visit hang out joints like pubs and bars alone at night. People look at it with dubious eyes, to the extent of taking you as a sex worker.

3. It is uncommon there to see women traveling alone without any escort like family and friends. There might not be any danger lurking but still locals will find it unusual seeing you all alone.

4. Dress fashionably there. They are known for flaunting their bodies; something which their society quite accepts. Throw in more colors, show your feminine side.

5. Eastern European men can be the medieval knight of dreams and a chauvinist quite at the same time. Do not get floored by their gentle behavior. The concept of respect towards women is much same throughout the world. After all, we still live in a patriarchal society.

6. For the reason given above, refrain from making eye contacts and smiling at strangers all the time. It will be interpreted as an open invitation. Stick to yourself. If you go in a group, remain close to them.

7. Be prepared to answer questions on your married status. Till date, women there are married off early by twenty-five. Locals may question you regarding the reason for your still unmarried status! Prepare in advance. Do not put them off by answering rudely or showing off attitude. Be diplomatic.

8. When traveling in trains, book the whole compartment even if it costs little more. And do not depend on public toilets much. Carry tissue papers and other necessities.

9. Show your confidence but do not be over confident. While traveling, you will come across their ideas and gender views which might run in different direction than you are used to. In any case, do not get provoked, stay calm and quiet.

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