Tips for Safety Measures in a Swimming Pool to Save Your Child

Tips for Safety Measures in a Swimming Pool to Save Your Child

Tips for Safety Measures in a Swimming Pool to Save Your Child - Pool Safety Measures - Safety Measures in Swimming Pool | Tips on - Find TipsSafety Measures in a Swimming Pool

Swimming is a good exercise for adults and children. The accidents in the swimming pool are common and are often sudden. Many death cases are reported due to drowning. Even if your child knows how to swim, accident may occur. So it is better to avoid accidents.

Tips for Swimming Pool Safety

1. You are not supposed to leave your child alone in the swimming pool. An adult supervision is a must in the pool. This is because sometimes their head may hit on the floor while diving or they may develop cramps under the water. All these situations may cause drowning. So there must be an adult to help them at a hand distance.

2. Make a five foot tall solid fence around your pool to inhibit the children to get in to the pool. Lock the gates to the pool and the lock must be out of reach of the kids.

3. Use materials that are non slippery for making the dividing board, pool deck, ladders etc. This will avoid accidents to some extend.

4. The training person in the pool must be trained in life saving techniques.

5. Avoid the use of inflated swimming aids instead of the acceptable life vests. Never leave your child alone in the pool by trusting these swimming aids.

6. Children above the age of four should under go a certified swimming class and should be aware of the basic life saving techniques.

7. Remove the pool cover completely and don’t make it open partially. Never allow your kid to walk over the pool cover.

8. Always keep the rescue equipments near by the pool.

9. Make sure that the electrician installing the electrical equipments in your pool is a licensed person and he is doing his work in accordance with the safety codes. A fault in the electrical installations will create fatal electric shock in the pool.

10. The pool must have ladder at both the end and the steps must be three inch wide. They should have handrails that must be small enough for a small kid to hold.

11. Keep the pool and the equipments clean and well maintained. Avoid sharp edges in the pool.

Accompany your kid always in the swimming pool and watch their activities there.

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