Tips For Selecting Boots

Tips For Selecting Boots

Tips For Selecting Boots - Shoe Care Tips - Mens Formal Shoes - How To Pick Work Boots » Tips For Selecting BootsIf you wear boots and do a fair bit of walking, your feet may tend to swell up. To avoid this you need to pick the right boot size. You should buy the right size of boots that have room to grow in as feet tend to swell under strenuous circumstances, especially the ones you use for nature trails, cross-country training and dancing.

This rule applies for ankle-length boots (also known as anklers). These boots are very much in current fashion and you can choose from styles like suede finish, leather, a rounded or square toe with rubber soles.

Closed and zipper-front ankle boots are more sharp and formal but both zipper-front and tie up ankle boots can be worn with suits in business settings, on romantic dates or for special events.

Hiking boots are another style you can buy apart from regular ankle boots; those with added support, ankle lining made of leather upper or suede, a padded collar, and a soft leather lining are ideal. Typically, hiking boots with lace-up fronts that are usually accompanied by a padded insole and cushioned tongue are very good. So, pick a pair with thick rubber soles for comfort and protection.

Cowboy/Biker boots (motorcycle-type boots), have high heels, pointed toes and their length stops just below the knee. Suede boots or black leather are best for all casual events as boots made of these materials can be worn with jeans and other casual clothes. Match your boots with your wardrobe like you do your dress shoes.

Some tips for buying and taking care of boots are given below:

Take the boot-buying time to measure your foot accurately so it is not expanded and the boot fits properly. You can take help from a salesperson or use a shoehorn, which also protects the boot’s heel-portion from turning up when slipping it on and off.

Leather boots soak up dampness (sweat) and your feet will perspire, so it is advisable not to wear boots through the day.

You don’t require as many shoes as the women in your life, but it’s good to possess more than just sports shoes as having variety will allow you to dress smartly for all situations.

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