Tips for Taking Care of your Lingerie

Tips for Taking Care of your Lingerie

Tips for Taking Care of your Lingerie - Lingerie Care - Tips to Take Care of Lingerie - Lingerie Care Tips | Tips on - Find TipsLingerie is not like your regular garment. It needs extra care to preserve its shape and form, as also look fresh. Here are a few tips:

Be choosy about brands

Buy the best lingerie brands your money can afford. Good brands can last much longer than run of the mill brands. They also retain their original shape, size and texture much more.

Washing care

Before you start washing them, turn garments inside out. Ensure that all the clips and hooks of your bras are fastened. Ribbons and laces are tied and all buttons and zips okay. If any of these are left loose they may damage themselves as also other garments being washed with them.

Keep lingerie in shape

Everybody would prefer to keep their lingerie in shape. Handwash them in lukewarm and cold water, as per fabric in gentle wash solution or detergent. Do not rub, instead soak and then swirl to get soap out.

Do not dump your delicate lingerie with regular garments in the washing machine. Still if you want to avoid that much hassle of washing the lingerie separately then set your machine’s washing programme to soft and delicate mode. Avoid hot water. Don’t mix dark colors with those of lighter colors. Avoid spin-dry options in washing machine while washing lingerie. The heat can ruin the lingerie. Avoid using harsh bleach.

Do not wring the garment after washing. Drip drying is best. Place the lingerie on a clean towel to absorb water and dry it. Protect bras and panties from direct sunlight. The elastic will loose shape when exposed to direct sunlight.

Folding of lingerie

After washing and drying is over, fold your lingerie carefully. Reshape the cups of the bra. Place them in a separate stack away from the heavier garments lest they get squashed under them. Hang up gowns in specially made hangers for this purpose only.

Set at least a day’s time before you wear washed inner to help them regain their shape.

It is time to discard your lingerie when it looses shape, form and size.

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