Tips on Car Tyre Buying

Tips on Car Tyre Buying

Tips on Car Tyre Buying - Selecting Tyres for my Car - Types of Car Tyres - Handy Tips on Buying Car Tyres | Tips on - Find TipsBuying the right set of tyres greatly improves on your car’s handling, ride, comfort and safety. Here are a few tips to remember while buying new tyres for your car:

While car owners spend thousands of dollars on snazzy accessories at the drop of their hat; they usually ignore the tyres, regarding them as just four pieces of rubber. You must realize that the tyres are your car’s only contact with the road and it actually runs on them. The right set of tyres goes a long way in improving your car’s dynamics, fuel economy, and not to mention better and improved braking ability.

Kinds of tyres

Tyres are basically of two types- soft compound and hard compound. Soft compound tyres provide superior grip but wear out soon. Hard compound tyres provide average grip levels but last longer. Nowadays tubeless tyres are the norm although some countries still rely on radial tyres.

Tread pattern

Apart from the compound the tread pattern also determines a tyre’s performance. Off- road tyres have aggressive knobby treads which help in gripping loose surfaces easily. On the other hand road use tyres have relatively softer tread patterns and softer compounds to grip the tarmac better.

Some handy tips:

1)Do some homework before buying new tyres.

2)Take the opinion of the people who are using your kind of car.

3)Visit the relevant internet sites. Read the reviews on it.

4)Take the budget into consideration.

5)Go through car manufactures manual.

6)Go for the established brands only.

7)Make sure to compare warranties and claims of different manufacturers.

8)Do check to manufacturing date engraved on the tyre.

9)Visit various dealers to bargain and haggle your way towards the best deal.

10)Most tyre dealers offer free services like tyre-fitment, wheel-balancing, and wheel-alignment.

Understanding tyre specifications

Look on the side of the tyre and there are certain number and alphabets. This tells you about tyre width, rim diameter, sidewall height, speed rating, temperature and tread-wear rating.

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