Tips on How to Become a Responsible Citizen

Tips on How to Become a Responsible Citizen

Tips on How to Become a Responsible Citizen - Learn to Be a Responsible Citizen - What are the Responsibilities of a Citizen | Tips on - Find TipsToday is the era of democracies. With a few exceptions, majority of the nations follow democratic traditions. Moreover citizens are fairly aware of their rights, duties and responsibilities towards their community, state and country.

Here are a few tips on how to become a responsible citizen:

  • Believe in community hygiene and tidiness. Do not litter anywhere. Dispose all your wastes in dustbins only after segregating it according to degradable and vice-versa.
  • Park your car in designated spot. It should not occupy unreasonable space and not hinder movement of other vehicles. Buy vehicles with efficient fuel technology.
  • Contribute to community service whenever the situation requires.
    Treat your home lovingly. Do not create loud noises in it or convert it into a discotheque or pub.
  • Follow traffic rules. Develop spirit of patriotism in your kids. Pay your taxes honestly and on time.
  • Do some social welfare service. Adopt a child in an orphanage or contribute to running of old-age homes. You can also join some non-governmental organization which is fighting on various social issues.
  • Participate and give your views on national debates and public forums undertaken routinely on matters of national importance.
  • Care for your natural surroundings as it is your responsibility as well. Take care of flora and fauna. Do not let anyone cut the trees without any reason. Do not deface social places like monuments, parks, library, office buildings etc. Your country is like your extended home.
  • Observe civilian discipline. Always form queues in public places if required. Be alert to find any suspicious character in your vicinity. He can be a criminal or a terrorist, or a burglar.
  • Water is a scarce national resource. So take utmost care that you use minimum quantity of water and not unduly waste it.
  • Believe in personal integrity. Do not make wrong use of influence of your designation for personal gains. It is more so for bureaucrats, politicians and police.

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