Tips on How to Wash Clothes

Tips on How to Wash Clothes

Tips on How to Wash Clothes - How to Wash Clothes - Tips to Wash Clothes - How to Take Care of Colored Clothes | Tips on - Find TipsWashing clothes is a task not as easy as it sounds. There are many dos and don’t for washing. If you are not very careful at the minutiae of washing then you will find your clothes fading and tearing sooner than usual. Like any other thing even clothes need proper care and especially washing. Below are given some of the tips on how to wash clothes and how to take care of colored clothes.

To prevent fading of colored clothes always wash them in cold water. Colored fabrics in cold water do not fade. But if you use warm water in regular usage you will eventually see that your colored clothes are giving away colors.

Vinegar is an excellent fabric conditioner. It not only keeps your clothes look fresh but it also keeps colored clothes away from fading.

While washing clothes always turn them inside out. Because otherwise the clothes fade easily and pill come onto them. Even for drying clothes turn them inside out so as to keep them safe from the strong rays of the sun. If possible dry your colored clothes in shade. This will protect colored fabric from losing out colors in the sun.

For proper washing always read the washing instructions given on your cloth. Different fabrics require different types of care. Some might mention about the kind of water to be used and also drying instructions. If the care label says only dry clean then do not wash always stick to dry cleaning.

If you are using dryer of your washing machine to dry your clothes make sure that you do not over dry it or do not keep colored clothes under sun for too long. This is because if you keep clothes in the sun for too long the colors will fade. Remember that sunlight is good for clothes but particularly white clothes.

To keep the color and softness of the fabric for longer span then always opt for either gentle wash in washing machine or else hand wash.

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