Tips on Kissing

Tips on Kissing

Tips on Kissing - How to Kiss for the First Time - How do I Kiss My Girlfrend - French Kissing Tips - Learn to Kiss Better | Tips on - Find TipsDid you know that kissing requires the coordination of thirty four facial muscles and one hundred and twelve postural muscles? So the next time you kiss, make sure you do it right or else the work of all these muscles will be in vain. Apart from the basic tips on how to kiss like, wetting your lips and tilting your head before a kiss, there is so much more than you can do.

Kiss with sincerity. Whether it is a kiss on the cheek or any where else, kiss with your lips. Avoid cheek to cheek kisses. They are fake. Even if it is someone who you don’t like it might help to improve your relationship with him or her! If you are kissing your lover, make each kiss special. Kiss like there’s no tomorrow, like it is the last kiss of your life.

Use your hands and body. A kiss is not the work of your lips only. For a fulfilling kiss hold the other person tight and experience the beauty of a warm kiss. If it is a passionate kiss do not forget to use your tongue. This kiss is called a French kiss. It will make the other person feel that your kiss is special and make him or her feel special in turn. However if it is your first kiss start with a gentle closed-mouth one.

Kiss the right place. It is not only how you kiss but also where you kiss that matters. A kiss on the lips can be very intense but if you are making love make sure to kiss the ears, the neck and fingertips. It will be a much more fulfilling experience. Guys do not be in a hurry to penetrate. There’s so much more to a woman than just her vagina. Take your time to kiss her and kiss her all over. Try licking your lovers lips as well. Body language can do magic like no other!

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