Tips on Lexapro

Tips on Lexapro

Tips on Lexapro - Side Effects of Lexapro - Anti Depressants - Pros and Cons of Lexapro - Depression Treatment | Tips on - Find TipsLexapro is one of the most workable anti- depressant medicines for depression treatment (except bipolar depression). In US alone, 18 million adults are prescribed Lexapro; the dosage is just 1 tablet (10 mg) per day. Lexapro also works for curing GAD (generalized anxiety disorders). The tablet belongs to the group of drugs called SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). According to surveys, Lexapro taking patients showed considerable improvement within days as compared to other medicines.

However, Lexapro should not be taken without consulting a clinical specialist. There are conditions in which Lexapro does not work or it just aggravates the situation. Know about the pros and cons of Lexapro before using it. Below are given some side effects of Lexapro:

- Anorgasmia;

- Lack of sleep;

- Excessive sweating;

- Nausea;

- Indigestion;

- Problem in erection;

- Low libido;

- Fever;

- Tremors;

- Shaky vision;

- Diarrhea;

- Somnolence;

- Nasal blockage;

- Over excitement;

- Vomiting;

- Suicidal tendencies;

- Dizziness;

- Skin reactions;

- Dry mouth

If you are facing any of the above symptoms, rush to the doctor and immediately discontinue the use of Lexapro. Over looking the above symptoms can lead to serious problems. There are strict rules on when Lexapro should be prescribed. Please be acquainted with the rules. Also keep yourself under check every week watching out for any adverse reactions. Most doctors regularly monitor patients taking Lexapro.

There are some situations in which Lexapro is not prescribed or prescribed in limit. What are they?

- Patients with bipolar depression are not given Lexapro. Doctors take tests regarding the patient’s state of mind as to what type of depression it is and if depression runs in the family.

- Patients with renal impairment or altered metabolism are advised not to take Lexapro.

- Patients with hyponatremia and elderly people are given Lexapro only after proper tests.

- Normally, Lexapro are not given to pregnant women but if the case so demands, it is only given after properly checking whether it will harm the fetus or not.

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