Tips on Natural Cleaning Agents

Tips on Natural Cleaning Agents

Tips on Natural Cleaning Agents - Best Natural Cleaner - How to Clean Stains from Carpets - Tips to Remove Stains from Fabrics | Tips on - Find TipsNatural cleaning agents are an ideal way to go about cleaning the house than using harmful chemicals which destroys more than it cleans because most of them contain acids. The article gives a list some basic cleaning agents found easily and their uses.

1.Salt- Naturally available, salts can be used to remove stains from fabrics. Dip the cloth in salt water overnight, the result is miraculous. It also removes stains from utensils like tea pots and softens fabrics like jeans.

2. Baking Soda- It can be used as a scrubber and as a deodorant too. As a scrubber, it cleans floors without any harmful effects. As a deodorant, place a box of baking soda in refrigerators and see how miraculously it works to take away the smell.

3. Corn starch- Derived from corn, corn starch is used to clean stains from carpets, works as a great deodorant like baking soda, as a natural grease remover, as a means to polish furniture’s and also for cleaning windows and doors. The starch is ideal for ironing clothes.

4. Boric (also Borax) Acid- It is an excellent cleaning agent as a bleach, deodorant, disinfectant. It also softens water making it fir for washing. Also, use boric acid mixed with water to clean wallpapered walls. But remember that boric acid is toxic, so keep out from the reach of children and wash hands properly after using borax.

5. Castile Soap- Mix castile soap with water and get about cleaning anything- windows, doors, kitchen slabs, etc. It is very effective.

6. Lemon Juice- It is the best natural cleaner. Mix it with baking soda to form a paste; clean brass utensils, copper utensils, drains, stains almost effortlessly. It can even dissolve hard water. Also, use lemon based cleaners to clean utensils on a regular basis- it smells good and leaves no stain.

7. Vinegar- Mix vinegar with water to clean tiles, use as an disinfectant and deodorant, toilet basin, bathtubs, stovetops, floors, and lots of other things. It can be used as a fabric softener too.

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