Tips on Overcoming Teenage Obesity

Tips on Overcoming Teenage Obesity

Tips on Overcoming Teenage Obesity - How to Combat the Teenage Obesity - Tips to Get Healthy and Slim | Tips on - Find TipsObesity is a deadly disease. It destroys a person’s confidence completely. However one may try to remain under diet or exercises, sometimes it is very difficult to return to the normal shape and size.

This is because of the environment we live in, our surroundings and the people we interact with. And we know the teenage years are the most turbulent and exciting period of one’s life. What obese teenagers need is support and not constant criticism.

Here are some ways on how to combat the teenage obesity:

Role of Parents- father and the mother are the biggest source of support. The child only needs a little understanding. It will be better if parents stop blaming the child for obesity and together help find solution to the problem. In due process, a strong bond between the child and parent will also be formed.

They and the relatives must refrain from secluding the child from others. And worse never compare him/her with those teenagers who are healthy and slim. Doing so will drown the whatsoever confidence they have.

Parents must also note whether the child is of introvert or extrovert type because introvert child are prone to depression and hence more difficult to bring them out of the shell. Then there will be two diseases to fight from- obesity and the depression resulting from it.

Sedentary Lifestyle: In our times where all are easily available, never let a teenage become prone to a sedentary lifestyle- always on the couch playing video games or chatting on computer or simply watching television.

Encourage them to visit the neighborhood parks and playgrounds and play with friends. There are hordes of sports to choose from. If not sports, they can do simple physical exercises; they are easy to learn and easy to do.

Food Habits: Try controlling binge eating. Set up a diet plan for the teenage based on their body requirements. Very less fats, more proteins, vitamins etc. Parents can consult a dietician for the same.

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