Tips on Parenting Teenagers

Tips on Parenting Teenagers

Tips on Parenting Teenagers - How to Give Your Teenager Emotional Support - Tips for Caring for Your Children - Parenting Teen Tips | Tips on - Find TipsYou have done a good job in caring for your children but now they are teenagers and you feel that they do not need you anymore. Look closely and you will realise that they need you the same but in a different way. You simply have to make that change and a very crucial change it is. Teenage years can be very painful if not given proper emotional support.Here are some tips on how to give your teenager emotional support :

Love and encouragement. Adolescence is a time full of self doubt. Give your children all the love and encouragement that you possibly can. This will help them build their self esteem. Praise them for any kind of achievement. Remember that participation is the most important, not winning and let them know that.

Be there. Being there for your children is not doing what you think they need. It means that you create an atmosphere in which you make them know that they can come to you with anything. Remember that they are very vulnerable. So you need to make sure that they will come to you if they have a problem.

Set fair rules. Do not make your teenager feel that you are controlling them. Give a reasonable time to get back home and make the consequences of breaking a rule very clear. When setting rules, make sure you do so only for what is really important for you. Do not make a fuss about everything . That way they will never listen to you and do things which even they do not want to do, just to get back at you.

Share special moments together. Decide on a few activities which you think your family is good doing together. These special times help your teenager to feel more secure and to bind with you. The fact that their family is united and a happy one, will give them the strength to get threw many hurdles in life.

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