Tips to Avoid Getting Corns

Tips to Avoid Getting Corns

Tips to Avoid Getting Corns - How to Avoid Getting Corns - How to Avoid Getting Bunions - How to Prevent Corn Formation | Tips on - Find TipsCorns are hard or soft skin that are formed in between the toes or over bony areas. Mostly soft corns develop in between the toes and hard corns over the bony areas. They are yellow ring of soft skin that surrounds hard grey center. It is formed due to the pressure developed from wearing the tight shoes. Instead of treating the corns it is ideal to prevent the formation of corns.

Tips to prevent corn formation

1. While selecting shoes choose the one that has additional cushioning in the ball and heel region. This will prevent your foot from getting compressed.

2. Try to use shoes that are made up of leather or any other soft materials. The lightness of the product may help you to avoid the pressure formed on the toes and thus the friction between the toes. Ensure that your shoes have smooth lining to protect your toes.

3. If you are a person who is prone to get corns then keep yourself away from shoes that has heels more than two and one fourth inches. This is because the high heels will exert more pressure on the toes.

4. Find a shoe that has broad rounded toes and that can accommodate your toes very well. Never select a narrow toed shoe as it may hold your toes in an abnormal position. This in turn may lead to arch problems, foot pain, corns, bunions etc.

5. Make your foot dry before slipping in to the shoes. Take care to dry the areas between the toes as moisture plays an important role in breaking the skin. Also use cotton socks to absorb the perspiration and change the socks whenever it gets wet.

6. Try to be barefooted while at home and allow your foot to breath easily.

7. If you have any deformities in your toes like that of a hammertoe then consult a surgeon and go for surgical corrections which may reduce the pressure on the toes and thus prevents the corns.

8. Consult a podiatrist and ask him about the wedges and inserts that are used to fit in to the shoe in order to alter the foot mechanism. If this wedges and inserts are placed properly then you can considerably reduce the friction between the shoe and the toes.

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