Tips to be a Professional Tattoo Artist

Tips to be a Professional Tattoo Artist

Tips to be a Professional Tattoo Artist - How to be a Tattoo Artist - Learning How to Draw Tattoos - How to Correctly Make a Tattoo | Tips on - Find TipsBeing a tattoo artist these days gives a scope of earning as well as a creative satisfaction. It is just like any other field of art. Skill, creativity, desire to learn, hard work and perseverance are the crucial qualities of a tattoo artist. If you want to be a professional tattoo artist, you need at least a minimum of 4 years to learn the trade.

How To Go About It?

1. Inborn Skills- Art is something inherited inborn and then polished upon during the years we live by. So for being a tattoo artist you need to have raw talent which does not mean the talent to draw birds and skies and sceneries.

2. Finesse- If you have the raw talent, enroll for some art classes. Practice with fellow artists; learn new techniques, read the hygiene rules and other such things. Start practicing on paper and not on friends as something gone wrong can lead to infections. However, practice hard and when you get mastery over it, create your own portfolio- it is a must.

3. Apprenticeship- You need to become an apprentice of a master already established in the field to learn more. It is a process of enhanced learning. Find a master who is able to teach you, someone from whom you can truly learn. Searching for an apprenticeship is not always easy.

Apprenticeship is always not free; it depends upon the master. However be ready to shell out thousands of dollars. Apart from that, you need to plan how you are going to sustain yourself in the training months. If you think of leaving current job, then you should have a large amount of funds to fall back upon; otherwise, retain the job and learn part-time. And note that you do not earn anything while the apprenticeship goes on.

Being an apprentice is not about learning how to draw tattoos but about safety, maintenance of equipments, and adjustment of power supply, curbing infections, how to operate the tattoo machine and how to correctly make a tattoo. Only persistence and perseverance will lead to successful apprenticeship. After that, you are free to set up your own studio or work under somebody. Generally, the former is a better option.

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