Tips to Become a Good Kinder Garden Teacher

Tips to Become a Good Kinder Garden Teacher

Tips to Become a Good Kinder Garden Teacher - Tips on How to Become a Good Teacher - How to be a Good Teacher | Tips on - Find TipsThe minimal educational qualification you should have to become a KG teacher is BEd. Along with this you should be NTT trained. These two are not the only criteria’s to become a KG teacher.

You should have a lot of patience, because kids of that age are very cranky and naughty. You should be able to control them without shouting at them as far as possible.

Having an authoritative voice at times works out on your favor. For this you don’t have to be authoritative but still kids should listen to you.
Punishing kids is the worst thing a teacher can do. So when a kid does a mistake, make him/her understands their mistake. Tell them not to repeat this mistake.

Start telling stories which have a lot of moral in it. If a kid lies a lot then tell the Sheppard’s story who always use to lie. The most important thing is to make the kids understand the end of the story and the moral. They have to learn something good from each second they are with you.

Your actions should force them to do good things, instead of you telling it to them. When you tell, don’t throw bits of paper in the class room; make sure you never do it.

A superb KG teacher will be more a mother than a teacher. You should always show love, care and affection to these kids.

As a KG teacher, your job does not end when you just make them sing some rhymes. You should be able to teach them how to use the manipulative properly. How to keep the class room clean. How to behave with another kid in the class. Personal cleanliness. Good eating habits.

Always you should encourage them not to eat junk food. Enforce on parents to send home cooked food itself. Teach them how to eat and how to eat without making food fall on the ground. Tell them not to run around in the class while eating. Don’t allow them to run around in the class, when the class is going on.

If you do think you can do all these, then you are sure to be a good KG teacher.

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