Tips to Buy Quality Diamonds

Tips to Buy Quality Diamonds

Tips to Buy Quality Diamonds - Tips on Buying a Quality Diamond - Diamond Certificate | Tips on - Find TipsDiamonds are definitely forever. And that is the reason why one should be extremely careful while buying diamonds. A good diamond can be identified on the basis of its cut, clarity, weight of carat and color. Read on to find out more details on tips to buy diamonds.

Cut of Diamond
The more defined is the cut of the diamond the more valuable and exquisite it is. But it is a little tricky to understand or learn to understand the aspect of cuts in diamond.

Clarity of Diamond
In the process of its formation, a diamond generally undergoes certain changes that are in the form blemishes and other inclusions. The visibility, size and number of inclusions are the factors that determine the clarity of diamonds. If a diamond has high clarity its radiance will be very obvious.

Color of Diamond
This same as the clarity of diamond because the most colorless and clear piece of diamond will refract light the best. But if the diamond is not very clear and if it has some tinge of color then it will absorb more light than refract it.

Carat Weight of Diamond
Unit by which diamond is weighed is called Carat. Big diamond stones are rarer to find than the tiny ones hence are highly priced. That is to say size of the diamond is directly proportional to its price.

Be careful of bright lights
Many of the diamond stores have special bulbs that are too bright and can easily make yellow stones look white and clear. Be careful of such fast ones. Always check diamonds in normal light for which you may request the storekeeper to allow you to check the stone in some other part of the store.

Be cautious of laser drilled diamonds
In order to extricate black carbon spots in diamonds many dealers make use of laser drilling to burn out such spots. With drilling diamond stone becomes fragile and hence are sold at a lower price in the market. Always insist on the certificate from an independent lab that will clearly give details whether the stone has been drilled or not.

Ask for certificate
A diamond certificate gives every detail about the quality the stone. Do make it a point to ask your store dealer for a certificate.

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