Tips to Carry Out Facial at Home

Tips to Carry Out Facial at Home

Tips to Carry Out Facial at Home - Essential tips for Facial at Home - Facial Home Tips - Types of Face Pack | Tips on - Find TipsA glowing face is an answer to many questions related to you. Daily skin care is very essential to make you look beautiful and glowing. Nowadays we are too busy to spend some quality time for ourselves. Going to beauty parlors for regular skin care might be both time consuming and expensive. Thus, we can also apply the beauty parlor methods at home to get similar results. However, we are no experts or trained individuals but we can always be learners. With a great deal information being flashed on the internet, magazines, media, etc about skin care we can always take the optimum benefit out of these.

Facial is an art and it needs to be mastered. Wrong massage and wrong ingredients can bring an adverse effect on your skin. However, before applying home facial you should enrich yourself with proper tips and knowledge. Home facial can be easily done in very less time. Let me suggest you some tips to harmless and easy home facials.

You should always first determine your skin type and then decide upon the face products. The facial skin varies from dry to normal or combination to oily. Thus, there are different cleansers and face packs for different skin tones.


Water is a skin energizer and the best cleanser for your skin. First, splash some lukewarm water on your face and then cleanse it with a good cleanser that suits your skin type. Cleanse it well in circular motions. You should try stick to a single type of motion either clockwise of anti clockwise.


After cleansing wash, it off with cold water and scrub your face well. Use an exfoliating scrub that suits your skin. Rub it well specially in areas across your nose and forehead, if you are having a combination skin type. Rinse it well and do not let it dry on your face. Scrubbing will help you cleanse the pores on your skin.

Steam Treatment:

You can also apply steam treatment on your skin to open the pores. Take a tub full off hot water, cover your face with the towel for around thirty seconds to one minute, and inhale the steam. You need to allow the steam on your face and this will bring about an instant glow on your face.

Face Pack:

Wipe of the face with a soft towel and apply a face pack on your face that will suit your skin tone. For an oily skin you can use a clay based mask whereas for a dry skin use hydrating mask. Apply it carefully on your face but avoid the areas across the eyes. Keep it on your face for around fifteen to twenty minutes and then rinse it off.


It is essential to apply a good and suitable moisturizer to get the smooth and soothing effect.

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