Tips to Choose a Sleeping Bag

Tips to Choose a Sleeping Bag

Tips to Choose a Sleeping Bag - Tips to Choose a Sleeping Bag - Lightweight Sleeping Bags | Tips on - Find TipsIf you are planning to go on a camping trip, you will need a sleeping bag to sleep outdoors. Choosing the right sleeping bag is as important as bringing the right tent, food and water on your trip.

Your sleeping bag should have the following features:

Choose a sleeping bag according to your size. A small sleeping bag will force you to squeeze inside the bag, making it uncomfortable to sleep. If the sleeping bag is too large, it will not help in keeping your body warm.

If you are willing to carry more weight, the cheaper rectangular sleeping bag is apt for you. These sleeping bags are spacious. Two rectangular sleeping bags can be easily zipped to form a larger double sleeping bag. Mummy bags should be taken while trekking on cooler terrains. These sleeping bags prevent the heat from escaping from inside the bag. Compared to rectangular sleeping bags, mummy bags occupy lesser space in your backpack. Semi rectangular or tapered sleeping bags lie between rectangular sleeping bags and mummy bags.

Lightweight sleeping bags, weighing less than six pounds, should be chosen by backpackers.

Insulation and warmth
The insulation of the sleeping bag determines the amount of heat, which can be trapped inside it. The air inside the sleeping bag is heated through our body warmth. Goose down fills provides best insulation to the sleeping bags. They are lightweight, compact, comfortable and durable. Sleeping bags with synthetic fills are cheaper, but comfortable.

You can also make your sleeping bag warm, by sewing a flannel lining inside the bag. Sleeping bags carry a temperature rating tag. One-season temperature rating bags are suitable for colder climates. Four-season rated sleeping bags are preferable for warmer regions.

Moisture proof
Make sure that the fabric on the exterior of your sleeping bag is water resistant. However, to prevent sweating or to absorb the body sweat, the interior of the bag should be preferably made of cotton, or an absorbent fabric.

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